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Indebted by Amy A. Bartol
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May 15, 2012

it was amazing
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Three books into this series, and Amy Bartol still manages to completely enthrall, crush, and disturb me with her incomparably unique and fascinating world!! I don't know how she manages to come up with all of this, but I'm SO glad she decided to put it all into a story! I've been in love with these characters since the minute I met them, and I continue to be unable to pull myself away from their journey. It is going to be a very sad day for me when I have to say a final goodbye after her fourth book comes to a close!!!

Indebted starts out pretty much right where Inescapable left off, with Reed, Evie, and the gang waiting on Russell and Brownie to return from the Ukraine. Zee and Reed are doing their best to keep Evie safe, but when she makes a critical mistake and exposes their whereabouts, it puts them all in danger. There are far more than just fallen and Gancanagh after her now, though, and the one she both fears and longs for comes to her aid just when she most needs him. Forced to make a painful decision in Reed's absence, Evie agrees to become Brennus' Persephone. She will stay with him for 6 months at his mansion, unable to speak with Reed until the time has passed. With Brennus determined to win her love, Reed determined to never let her go, and more enemies than she could ever name lurking around her world, Evie must endure her greatest trial ever. But sometimes being put to the test reveals strengths that would otherwise never have been revealed, and Evie may be even more powerful than anyone imagined.

Okay, so I have been a 'Team Reed' fan all along through this series; he blew me away in Inescapable, and my heart ached endlessly for him in Intuition, and I worried constantly about his heart being able survive Evie's decisions in Indebted. I love him, he's got a permanent place in my heart, and......


But, having said that, I am the first to admit my odd and undeniable fascination with Brennus!! I was intrigued and admittedly attracted to this cocky vamp faerie when we first meet him in Intuition, even though he put Evie through hell. But of course, when she was finally reunited with Reed I put all thoughts of him out of my mind and relished in their emotional and lust-filled union. Little did I know that Bartol was going to raise the bar even higher with Indebted, giving me a side of Brennus that I never expected to see. HOLY CRAP, did this guy have me hot and bothered and pulse-raging for a good half of this book!! I now equate him to my YA fantasy book Christian Grey, because his cocky, sexy, dominant-but-tender personality just wraps Evie up in his seductive and alluring existence. I couldn't help but feel completely intoxicated by him, just like one of the wans they have waiting to be attended to!!!! *fans self* I have to admit my mind and my heart are both a little befuddled right now because there is definitely a part of me that likes the idea of Evie spending her life with Bren!! Yes, I said it! *hangs head in shame* I dare to say that the part of this story where Evie was in the castle with Bren and the fellas (and it's significant) was my favorite of the series so far. Bartol had me laughing out loud over Evie's personality that comes out for these boys, it's like she becomes this entirely different, even cooler chick that can just be one of the guys. And I loved her for it!! She learns so much about herself and her enemies while she's there, and I just loved how bad-ass and confident she became!! Of course, my heart is still with Reed just as Evie's will always be, but Bartol definitely threw a wrench in my plans to forget about Brennus and put on my "Team Reed" cheerleading get-up!!!

So, obvious distraction of really hot guys fawning all over Evie aside, I have to praise Amy Bartol's unbelievably gifted storytelling abilities. I am in such awe of her creativity and boldness when it comes to her characters, plot twists, and emotions drawn from the reader. There is just no predicting what will happen in her stories, because she puts SO much into it that you are kept guessing at every turn!!! Indebted was so full of terrifying creatures, gut-wrenching torture, heartbreak, and unexpected humor that I just was completely engrossed in this world. I never wanted to leave their journey, and it was on my mind every time I had to; it was like being forced to tear myself away from an alternate reality (and yeah, I had that same issue with Inescapable and Intuition, too!!)!!! There is some serious lust flowing through this leg of Evie's journey, too, and Bartol really steams things up with the way Evie handles her allure. I loved the added sexiness it gives to the story, it's almost like the story is growing up along with Evie.

Our other favorites were back in Indebted, too, though the angels were not in the spotlight as much. The Gancanagh fellas really earned themselves a spot in my heart; it was like watching a family of really close brothers interacting, and when they weren't being all tough and protective they were just really cool I still love Zee, Brownie, and Buns, they are the quirkiest, most entertaining bunch of supporting character angels I've ever come across, for sure!! I still have a love/hate relationship with Russell, because while I love him being a part of their group, I see him as more of a brother for Evie. I really just want him and Brownie to get together so he can leave Evie alone, because lord knows she has her hands full enough as it is!! LOL There were some new enemies in Indebted that look to spell bad news for the angels in the next book, too, but I'm feeling like Evie's going to kick some serious ass!!!

Well, I'm caught up as far as I can go in the Premonition series now, and I can say with 100% certainty this is my favorite angel series!! I have loved every page of these books, and I can't wait to see more!! Now begins the LOOOONG, arduous wait for Incendiary....*sigh*
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Katherine So loved your review!! Can't wait for the last book either. I plan on buying all four books in paperback or hardcover if available. I just physically need to own them now. :)

Erin Katherine wrote: "So loved your review!! Can't wait for the last book either. I plan on buying all four books in paperback or hardcover if available. I just physically need to own them now. :)"

Thank you! =) LOL, yeah, I feel the same way about this series, I just asked Amy tonight if she has any to sell signed copies of! At the very least I hope to get them all in print, too, they just need to be on the shelf!!

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Melody really wish i could get this on my nook its not avaliable at barnes and nobles ebooks the first 2 were tho

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