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The Traveler's Gift by Andy Andrews
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May 15, 2012

did not like it

Nothing groundbreaking, no new news here. Boring, hokey, steps most of us have learned by our early teens. Yes, there are historical inaccuracies, but that is the least of this books' problems. The set up for the story reads as if a high school english teacher asked his students to write the saddest thing they could ever think of, and then make it sadder, just, pile it on. The historic characters are so free from fault, it is difficult to draw inspiration from them. Personally, I find that knowing the great personas from our past were actually flawed individuals who were just doing the best they could in their particular circumstances much more attainable role models than this drivel. Spoiler! In the end the main character attains the heights of popularity and wealth, and it seems that the author deems that the ultimate goal. How is anyone else supposed to live up to that? Would have been nice to see him be successful as an average Joe, holding down a good job, caring for his family, taking pleasure in the little things...but no, he must become Donald Trump and Jesus rolled into one. Add an eighth step. Appreciate what you have.
Maybe a ninth, too. Skip this book and do something more productive with your time.
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message 1: by Jimmydouthit (new)

Jimmydouthit You're described as a surfer reader. That is one reading words, not the message conveyed. Yes, it may be what secondary students have learned. If so why do they fail to apply them. Even to this I find a deep need to have the values repeated and reinforced for my everyday living. Each time I read a biography, historical account there is something new. Don't be a surface reader.

Shauna This is a forum for our personal feelings about a book, not one for you to make personal attacks on a person you do not know. If you would care to discuss the merits of this book, by all means, feel free to do so. I am not a "surfer reader", and I doubt that such a thing even exists. If you mean a "surface reader'", you are greatly mistaken. This book is for those who may not have the depth of intelligent thought to discover for themselves how to live a satisfactory life without being led through ridiculous, historically inaccurate depictions of well known people's lives by an author who has written a book that is, frankly, Christian crap. These are certainly not biographies, and any cursory exploration of actual historic events will prove that point. More specifically, the point the author was trying to make was completely undone by the ending. I do not subscribe to or admire the gospel of prosperity. I find it very unchristian to pray to God for money, cars, fame and a winning title for my local sports teams. I do not know you, perhaps these are your beliefs. As you seem to know me so well as to ascertain that I am a person who does not understand what I am reading, I am going to feel free and justified in making this snap judgement about you.

message 3: by kitty kitty (new)

kitty kitty I agree with you, Shauna. Shame on him.

message 4: by kitty kitty (new)

kitty kitty By the way, Mr Jimmy has not one single book in any list , to read, read, nada, so I wonder if he read this one.

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