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A Christmas Passage by David Saperstein
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May 15, 2012

did not like it
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Dear Charles Dickens,
It never fails. Every Christmas I imagine you laughing in your grave at everyone else's poor attempts at creating a sensational Christmas story. Perhaps you are even puffing out your skeletal chest in pride knowing that you are, and will remain The Great Big Daddy of Christmas tales, especially as long as garbage Christmas books like this one hit the shelves every year.

Your fan for life,

Oh, I guess I'm supposed to say why this book got sent to my Barter Box. Lets see...cliches galore for one thing. I really hate cardboard characters and yet every Christmas they seem to be the most common character types in these sort of novels. Why a book that just happens to be set at Christmas time dampens the creativity of so many authors I will never understand. I just know that it does. A Christmas story should be just like taking on the project of any other work of fiction. The characters should still have depth to them and they don't have to have an unusual attack of the conscience so early on in the story just because there happens to be snow on the ground and Christmas carols are being played. In real life, an a$$hole is still going to be an a$$hole no matter what time of year it is. Don't be afraid to make that a$$hole character a believable one. (For God's sake!)

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