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Small Steps by Louis Sachar
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May 15, 2012

it was amazing

"Small Steps" is one of the best books I think I have ever read. After two long years at Camp Green Lake, Theodore, better known as Armpit, goes back to his home town Austin, Texas. He tries to get his life back on the right track by getting a job for a local business where he digs trenches. The only person who believes he can actually change is his 10 year old best friend, Ginny. Ginny has a very hard life. She is only 10 and she has been diagnosed with Cancer. Being the good person he actually is, Armpit decides to take Ginny to her favorite singer who is in concert that weekend with his hard earned money. Armpit manages to catch up with his old pal X-Ray from the camp. He comes up with a get-rich-quick scheme and easily talks his buddy Theodore into it. How they try to pull off the scandle is by copying several dozen tickets of replicas and then selling them. Everything seems to be going great until the day of the concert. X-Ray promised to be sure to give Armpit his original tickets back, but instead he "accidentally" mixes them up with copies of them. When the time comes to go to the concert, Armpit and Ginny arrive to their seats. But come to the surprise of other atendents and fans in their seats. Armpit gets in a little scruf with the leader of the security, and when everything looks like he is going to have to go to jail again, Keara (the singer) saves his butt by discharging the assualt and she even gives him two back stage passes to the show! Ginny is thriled beyond imagine, along with Armpit. Keara and the gang all become great friends, and later on in the novel, Thedore is at her hotel room after a show. She has a stalker evade the room, luckily Armpit is there to save the day. He is drowning himself out with music of the lovely Keara, but hears a loud bang. He rushes to Keara's bathroom where she was at the time, and takes out the guy! He later becomes her savior basically. I would recomend this book to anyone. It is truly an amazing novel, written by an always stunning, Louis Sachar.

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Anthony Marchetta A small correction - Ginny has cerebral palsy, not cancer. You're probably confusing her with her doll Coo, who has leukemia.

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