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The Goddess Legacy by Aimee Carter
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May 15, 2012

it was amazing

The Goddess Legacy is absolutely amazing. I'm so glad Aimee Carter wrote this book to show the whole backstory for the Goddess Test characters. It gives me the totally twisted insight to the characters that I've come to love so much in Carter's awesome Goddess Test series. With the intriguing backstory of their life as the original six sibling’s council, plus their children, I kept thinking back to Goddess Test and Goddess Interrupted and saying, Okay, now I understand so much more and why this character did this or that. My favorites, of course, were Henry (Hades), Persephone, and James (Hermes). I love getting to see the full story of what happened between these three, and the depth of Henry's pain that James caused. I couldn't believe James was trying to do the same with Kate that he did with Persephone and laughing to myself, saying, Dang! James, boy. Don't you ever learn from your mistakes? I'm just surprised that Henry didn't rip James a new one when he tried this again with Kate, but James does have a soft heart for the ladies in distresses, especially when it's Henry's ladies.

I also loved seeing this from Henry's point of view and knowing what all happened to him and the reason why he thinks the way he does…and why he treated Kate like he did in the first two books. My feelings were proved right about Walter(Zeus). I always thought he was a real jerk, but now seeing what he actually did to Hera (Calliope) and the rest, I realized what a bigger, greedier jerk he truly is. And Ava (Aphrodite) and Persephone, their cat fight over Adonis and over James (Hermes) I know more of why these two girls hate the sight of each other. I love this part with these two.

I could go on with the awesome, fascinating insight with all the lives of these characters, but Carter has done such a super amazing job with giving the history of these characters. And if you love Goddess Test series as much as I do, you will want all the deliciously twisted details of back-stabbing, power-play, and forbidden lust with the Gods and Goddesses for yourself. I am so looking forward to The Goddess Inheritance so much more now that I got all the dirty little deeds of the gods and goddess lives. I highly recommend The Goddess Legacy as a must read, and Thank you Aimee Carter for another awesome novel.


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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

I loved this book <3

Debbie I Heart YA Books I love it too Shelby! It was great to finally know all the Characters backstory from the first two books! :)

Celeste oh yay! this is at the top of my reading list. I just love this series.

Debbie I Heart YA Books Celeste, than you're going to love this book! Aimee Carter did an awesome job with the backstory! Love it! :)

Celeste wow! I will have to get back to you after I'm done!!

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