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The Consuming by Todd Boyer
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May 14, 2012

really liked it
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The Consuming is the first book in the Demon Soul Saga by Todd Boyer, and lays the ground work for what could be very interesting series. For those who love their Bible lore this book will feed your habit. This novel fits nicely within the fantasy genre, and brings with it a new twist to Angels and Demons and their battle of good and evil. The author takes us to the depths of hell and looks into the heart of a demon and brings new light to the fallen.

The book follows two demons Ike and Max, a unique friendship who are on the earthly plane living and existing as Ike “consumes” humans in order to walk around unnoticed. Used to wreaking havoc with the people’s lives he chooses as vessels, Ike soon discovers himself trapped inside “Jack” who they believed to without faith. Much to his surprise Jack has rediscovered his faith which enables him to take back control from Ike. Max a fellow demon and Ike’s best friend does whatever he can to rescue Ike. In his attempt to help Ike he soon discovers a plan set into motion by forces that are larger than then all as the war Heaven and Hell gets nasty. Here is where we see the most unlikely of heroes as Jack, Max & Ike team to save the world and restore the balance between Heaven and Hell.

The few chapters of the book started off a bit choppy and it felt like I was stopping and starting but after giving it more time the author really started to settle into his story and it started to flow. I think this was all down to the author’s indecision on how bad his demons were going to be. I feel with a bit of editing in the beginning it will blend nicely with the rest of the book. The book moved at a fairly fast pace moving between characters as this is the first in the series the author did a great job of laying the foundations of the story as well as slowly introducing the characters in a way that by the end of the book you can’t help but be in their corner.

I felt as I read that Max was the one character that really stands out as his character is developed as the story progresses and leaving Ike and Jack as supporting characters and not fully developed to their potential. I am not sure this is what the author intended but from my reading perspective Max truly was the star of this book. Though I would like to mention that the character of Lucifer was really well written, he was regal, dark, a bit twisted and arrogant and I loved the author’s interpretation of the King of Hell.

The common theme of storyline is about friendship, loyalty and faith. There were several different plot lines within the story and the author leaves a few loose ends which I am sure will be tied up in the next installment of the Demon Saga. All in all this was an easy read and suitable for most ages.

I will mention that this book does have quite a bit of biblical lore at first seemed a bit preachy but as I continued to read I understood why it is after all a book about faith. Most times books with religious content the authors can go overboard in lore or back history but the author does a really good job of keeping it light while giving you really good information about the story. I loved the fantasy aspect of this book and the author’s descriptions brought the realms of Angels and Demons to life and really add extra layers to the story as I was able to visualise the scenes in my head. Though I felt it was a bit on the tame side, but that is my own personal opinion for I love my dark gritty books.

So if you are in the mood for inspiring easy read this one is for you! With that said I give this book 3.5 Stars.

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