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The Phantom King by Heather Killough-Walden
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May 14, 2012

really liked it
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Oh how much I love your work HKW! I loved every single BBW book and both Kings books have been brilliant. I enjoyed this one even more than The Vampire King.

Thane/Thanatos was incredible. He's sexy as hell and the changing tattoo's are amazing.
What I love about HKW writing is that we don't need a sex scene every five minutes to feel the connection between her couples. However the sex scene we do get is absoulutely breathtaking and his dominant streak is so hot I could melt. I love the way his hand goes around her throat during their first time. *fans face* lol.

The thoughts we get to read from Thane are so sweet and tender. Well, in his own way!
'He was being rushed through this, through what were probaly the most important moments in his existence, and for that he wanted to take fate out behind the toold shed and beat the fucking crap out of it.'

Siobhan might just be my favourite heroine out of all these books.
She's so strong and accepting. She doesn't fight her feelings for Thane, but immediately sets out the ground rules so Thane knows that he will never walk all over her.
'Thane looked as though he knew he'd done wrong but was unrepentant. It was a beautiful look on him. It made her want to rip his shirt off. It also made her want to then strangle him with the shredded material.'

Now my favourite scene from the entire book was their motbike race/bet (come on, we all knew he was going to catch her, whatever it took lol) I love anything like this, car races or bikes, it's so sexy. But what made this special was their shared passion for driving. At this moment, whilst chasing her through the desert, Thane realises that she could complete his life. That he doesn't have to be alone anymore. It was beautiful.

There was so much going on in this book. Every time it skipped to another point of view or a different part of the story I was glued to the page.
Who is this guy that has Amunet prisoner? Draining her power. What is his ultimate goal with the Kings?

I really enjoyed the smaller parts we got to see of Ramses. I grow to like his character more every time I see him. It's so admirable that he has noticed the change of the supernatural world and has put the hunters on hold. He will not justify killing when it is completely unjustified.
I feel so sorry for him. To lose his mate and be searching for her
for that long must be devastating. But to learn that she had had his baby and he knew nothing about it, you could really feel his pain. I loved the scene where he sneaked in to see his new grand children and left the matching protection medallions on them. I hope he will be reunited with his wife and learns the truth about his daughter.

There is so much more I could discuss but I will refrain. But it's safe to say that this was another great book to ass to this series and I cannot wait to read about the Warlock King.


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