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Inside Out by Terry Trueman
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Sep 15, 2008

liked it
Recommended to Megan by: My librarian
Recommended for: anyone really

** spoiler alert ** Inside Out was a pretty good book. This book was about a 16 year old boy named Zach who had been suffering from Schizophrenia for about 5 years, who ended up being held somewhat hostage at a coffee shop robbery.
After school one day Zach was discovered by his mother with the barrel of a riffle in his mouth because the voices in his head were making him so depressed... which is not an uncommon thing for most Schizophrenic patients to feel suicidal. His mom got rid of the riffle and decided to make him go to the coffee shop after school, where she knew he'd be safe from harm. Only later did she realize that the coffee shop wasn't such a safe haven as she thought it would be.

One day as Zach was thinking about his favorite snack, Mapple bars, when two teenage boys with hand guns came in and demanded the money that was inside the cash register, so that they could help their mother who was diagnosed with AIDS.

After a written bargain with the police was made, the boys are making one of the "hostages" stay behind because they don't entirely trust the police. So of coursed Zach agrees, not thoroughly thinking about the situation and the fact that he hasn't taken his medicine yet and it's been way past the time when he should have taken it.
When Zach starts to hear the terrible voices telling him to kill himself he realizes that he's made a big mistake, staying in the coffee shop. Zach's shrink is called to be a whitness to the polices bargain and only when he shows up, can Zach take his medication. So as Zach waits, the voices become meaner and more and more convincing, telling Zach to end his life. Zach tries at one point but is saved by one of the brothers (robbers).

Zach's doctor finally gets there and gives a call to the boys, who then let Zach go because they believe that he wouldn't lie to them.
So Zach finally gets his medicine and the Mapple Bars that he had been craving so much.

About 3 months after the attempted robbery, Zach sadly ends his life... i guess his illness was just too much for him to cope with.

I would recomend this book to anyone who likes a story with some action in it and i really enjoyed this book. It was really addicting actually i wanted to stop reading it but i couldn't.

The only reason that i wouldn't recomend this book is because of the length... it WAYYY to short. a 100 pages more and it would be good to go.
Another reason why someone might not like it is because of word choice. Some wording in this book isn't the most appropriate and yea, other than those few minor things, it's a good book.

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