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Heaven by Alexandra Adornetto
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May 13, 2012

it was amazing
Read from September 18 to 23, 2012

I teared up right before I started writing this because I realized now it's OVER. I have lost another friend and now I must figure out what to do with my life.
Wonderful, wonderful trilogy. I absolutely loved it, and it was a fresh take on all the paranormal romance going on right now. Bethany and Xavier's love really did transcend time and dimensions.
First, let me just get off chest the three things I did NOT like about this book, two things that happened at the end that I have to discuss. (SPOILERS!!) I did not like that when Beth came back from Heaven as a human she did not get to reunite with Gabriel and Ivy, at least in this novel. I mean, really? That's very important and it would have been moving and emotional. Especially since Xavier stated that Gabriel had been trying to get Beth back for months after she was gone. I feel as though that reunion was necessary. Also, I do not approve that Beth was gone for TWO YEARS. That's a really big deal. A few months sure, that would have been okay. I understand that time in Heaven is completely different than time on Earth, but I just think that was too long. LASTLY. Molly and Gabriel. Enough said. I know he only kissed her because he was vulnerable having his wings cut off, but I really feel like had feelings for her, like he cared for her a lot more than he should have. Especially after Beth becoming human and such, I think something could have happened there. Even though Molly was the typical annoying but sweet girl, and Gabriel was a hardass angel, they were adorable and I was rooting for them!! When Gabriel went to rescue her from the crazy cult she was getting involved in, and her "fiance" was trying to cut her hair off, Gabriel saved her and let her out to flow down behind her back. Such a small move, and it was just so intimate for them! Ah, I loved it.
Overall, I loved everything about it and was very happy with how everything played out. I was getting angry myself just reading with Beth and Xavier along their journey to be together. I sometimes found myself shaking the book and yelling at the Sevens, "Just let them be together already! Leave them alone!" That's when you know your sanity has been stolen by a book. And I just knew Jake had to be in this novel. He had an extremely small part, but there's nt way he couldn't be in it.
I really like the Halo trilogy because it is the ultimate good vs. evil. I do believe in God, Heaven, and Hell, and all that makes these books even more intense. It's the struggle that most of us believe in, and this author has created a beautiful and powerful love story revolved all around it. Really, really great books, and I look forward to more from her in the future!
P.S. I am so sorry my reviews are so SCATTERED! I cannot type my thoughts fast enough in fear that I will lose them! :)

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Quotes Jessica Liked

Alexandra Adornetto
“...nothing is permanent. Everything and everyone you know can change at any moment. That's how I see things now - except for you. You're the one constant in my life.”
Alexandra Adornetto, Heaven

Alexandra Adornetto
“Well, now that you set him on fire, I'm sure we're well on the path to reconciliation.”
Alexandra Adornetto, Heaven

Alexandra Adornetto
“Still the hottest angel I know," he murmured.
"It's beyond me how you're still on staff.”
Alexandra Adornetto, Heaven

Alexandra Adornetto
“That is when you need faith the most. Not when everything is going your way, not when you have much to be thankful for, but when there is darkness all around.”
Alexandra Adornetto, Heaven

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09/18/2012 "FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1" 2 comments
09/19/2012 page 62
14.0% "The book got INTENSE QUICK! Alexandra wasted no time in getting the plot going. Thank you baby Jesus! Cannot wait to see what happens when The Seven gets a hold of Beth and Xavier."
09/20/2012 page 101
24.0% "OMFG. That is all."
09/20/2012 page 184
44.0% "I cannot believe what the hell is going on!!!! Absolutely unbelievable, never thought this is how the plot would play out."
09/22/2012 page 298
71.0% "Been squealing like a school girl in my room for the past hour. OMFG."
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