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Eona by Alison Goodman
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May 13, 2012

did not like it

Honestly, I really didn't like this book. I had been long looking forward to it, because lately I've been in the dumps about literature, and I liked the first one a lot, but instead it left me in a state of book depression for at least a few days- I couldn't think of anything or stop making refeances to the things that I didn't like. I couldn't stand the characters. As another reviewee put it, everyone but Eona was strong. And that sucked, because the actual plot was really good. But I couldn't connect to her at all, and I couldn't stand her relationships. I almost liked the fact that she was always dancing on the edge of going power-hungary, but the ramance is what my main beef was with.

I wish that the author had completely left the romance out. I think that it would have made the entire story better. Love triangles can be made to work, but the deciding factor if they're good or not, is that you eigther love both guys, or abosolutely love one and hate the other... But I hated both of her love interests. I never really felt that she loved the emperor. He didn't sneak into her thoughs, and I hated him. Everytime he kissed her, it was almost in a possessive, 'I have to have everything I want' kind of way. Which sucked. And I hate how everytime she was with Ido, then she went with the emperor and was all 'omg I love him!' in a really annoying teenage girl who wants to have her cake and eat it, too. Pick one! I actually disliked the emperor so much, that I was pulling for Ido. You should never be that person who is pushing for the bad guy. That's like saying (sorry for this horrible referance that I am ashamed to ever make) that you hated Edward so much, that you wish Bella would have been with James. Even though he wanted to kill her. And the emperor couldn't even be with her by law, cause he'll need to have royal wives, and a mountain of royal concubines! Then how in the while wide world do they end up together?! Is she always just going to be a mistress to him? 'Cause personaly, I wouldn't do that.
~ And Ido. I liked him. I actually liked the evil fool! There in the end he got a bit crazy, but so would you if the girl you thought was like you and that you trained, and that you loved, and you thought loved you, completely and totally betrayed you in the end! SERIOUSLY?! Because from the sounds of it, she was the only one he was sweet for. He used the only power he had, not for himself, but to help her before he even knew they were coming to rescue him? That seems a pretty nice thing to do to me. And she led him on. seriously. She led him on!!! And I kindda hate her for it. I feel like she made him think she was like him and wanted what he did, and I feel like she just used him. Just blatantly used him. And at least she knew that Ido was useing her. He told her the plan, and she went along with it knowingly. The emperor used her behind her back and manipulated her feelings to force her to do his bidding. The whole time. And her trust issues! I understand them, but then she got so hurt when people didn't trust her. Of course they didn't!! Who in their right mind would when she didn't trust you, you were manipulating her, and she could have totally killed you if she knew your secrets. I wouldn't tell the chick anything!!! And she just used everyone around her! A person with any self respect would not go from making out with a guy to kissing another and saying she only loved one, so it was alright. It. Is. Not. Alright. And then, after he dies, she realised that she really did actually love Ido a bit. REALLY?!?!? I've been pulling for this guy, and after you betray him, and don't stop him from destroying himself, you realise that the feeling was actually mutual...

Sorry for the rant, but I really did not have any charcters I liked, other than Ido. Which is just wrong. Because no matter how brilliant the plot, if the characters fall through, then it is nothing. But you can have a suck fest plot, and as long as the characters are good, you can plow through.
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❀angela I felt exactly the same way! -__- I feel so bad because almost everyone else seems to be in love with this book.

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