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Dawn's End by Bonnie Ferrante
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May 13, 2012

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(I was given a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis.)
18-year-old Nicole finished high school but chose not to go to university. Now she spends her days working part-time at a book store, and generally being bored out of her mind.

One day whilst sunbathing, Nicole hears a man’s voice speak to her from the woods. He tells her that she is his chosen companion to go with him on a quest. Nicole doesn’t know why she listens to him, but the next day finds herself calling into work sick, packing a backpack, and taking off into the woods.

Suddenly wondering what she has done, Nicole decides to go back home, only to find herself chased by what she thinks is a bear, and ends up lost in the woods. The next day she meets a man who she recognises as being the man who spoke to her from the woods. She also recognises him as a man who has been present in her dreams for months.

The man – Morrel, has black skin, and black eyes with white diamond shaped pupils. He tells Nicole how he is from a world called ‘Dawn’s end’, and that Nicole has been transported to his world to help him stop the ‘nightfall’ – a time that causes darkness to fall and the world to fall into evil.

Can Nicole help Morrel to save Dawn’s end?

This book was a nice, light, fantasy-romance type book, with an interesting storyline, a well-structured world, and sweet, likable characters.

Nicole is a sweet, kind girl who seems much older than her years, she’s quite mature in her decisions, and doesn’t make rash judgements or decisions. She doubts that she is the right person to help Morrel and his people, but ultimately has talents that prove useful when they are on their quest.

The people of Dawn’s end are humanoid but different to us too. Their colouring is different – people are white, black, and other colours; but their colouring is different to ours in that the colouring is the same inside of their mouths etc. The people also have animal qualities – pads on their feet, and fur like hair covering their bodies.

There is quite a bit of history surrounding Dawn’s end and the darkness which is befalling them. This is not an isolated incident; their people have been fighting against the nightfall for hundreds of years, and must live with the consequences of their actions.

There was some romance between Nicole and Morrel which was sweet, and clean, but ultimately didn’t take over the story, which was good. There was plenty more to the story than just the romance element.

Overall; a light fantasy romance. Good if you’re looking for some light entertainment rather than a serious read.
6 out of 10.

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