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Winter's Heart by Robert Jordan
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May 12, 2012

really liked it

This book...was really good. Not the best in the series, and certainly one with a good many flaws, but overall, this was one of the better installments in the series of late.

The worst part was definitely the wasn't necessarily too long, but certain viewpoints had two major plots they tried to convey, when we only should have received one each. Beyond that, there were a couple Elayne chapters that were too detailed (though her thread was overall decent and added some interesting things to the mix), and Perrin's part, while not the excruciating pile of sludge I was told it would be, was a bit slow, but I got through it quickly enough.

Mat easily had the best thread this book, and by that I mean just his overall presence in the book was really fun. His situation with Talyn has been very amusing and it was good to see him, since last we saw was book 7. This is the book where Robert Jordan finally started making good on a promise he made to us back in book 4, and that was a great scene...

Of course, the single most awesome moment of this book was the last couple of chapters. We've been waiting for that to happen since the beginning, and it was delivered beautifully. However, it wasn't just what Rand and Nynaeve did with the Choedan Kal, but what their companions did to help them. Seeing what happens when men and women work together was awesome, and watching the Forsaken get beaten back like that was crazy cool. It's one of the strongest scenes in the series, and made me feel the same awe I felt when the Seanchan were driven from Falme in book 2.

Overall, this was a very strong installment to a great series. Just make certain you read books 1-8 first.
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