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The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson
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Sep 14, 2008

it was ok
bookshelves: sci-fi, ya, american-lit, amnesia, 2000s

Teenage Jenna wakes up after an accident with no memory of who she is—though she knows all of Thoreau’s Walden by heart. As quickly becomes apparent, what’s going on is far more complex than a case of simple old amnesia! Jenna’s slow investigation into what really happened to her ensues.

I was disappointed by this. I said “slow investigation” above because I found the pacing almost glacial: the narrative slinks along, gradually uncovering twists that utterly failed to surprise me. It doesn’t help that the first person POV was entirely affectless; I understand that this may have been partially intentional and dictated by the plot, but I found it very dull to read. Jenna might have amnesia, but I felt like I had déjà vu: I’ve just read too many other similar stories. This one needed to have something to distinguish itself, to make it stand out, but aside from some mildly interesting ideas about future issues with science and technology, there just wasn’t anything new here. I appreciate that Pearson was trying to convey some real ideas about what it means to be human, but her characters were too two-dimensional for her message to have any effect on me. And I really, really hated the trite epilogue—it seemed very fake, and cheapened the sense of realism that the rest of the narrative was at least striving for.

[Insert painfully obvious joke about not adoring Jenna Fox at all here]
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Lina i'd certainly agree with the pacing. it has those sub-parts that are like poems but it's still part of the story. it kinda distracts me from the actual plot sometimes. still, it's entertaining :)

Kelli Smith Completely agree. I even skipped ahead 50 pages at one point and didn't feel like I missed anything. Her hints were not subtle enough.

Kelsey it's taken me 6 months to read. (I finished about 5 minutes ago. FINALLY!) And I completely agree because it was so slow and there wasn't too much character development because she ended up still being stubborn and disobedient. Since Kara ended up being the one to crash the car, I think Jenna should have at least had the epiphany that she shouldn't feel so guilty; Instead, she found out Kara crashed the car, and then the accident itself wasn't acknowledged again for the rest of the book.

I will say though, I LOVED Jenna and Ethan. I just thought they were adorable!

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