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Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols
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May 12, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: june-arc, awesomeness, flying, brothers, blackmailing, romance, hot-male-leads

Originally posted at The Teen Book Guru

**This review is based on an Advance Readers Copy (thank you so, so much, Jen!!)**

This book totally blew my mind!! Jennifer Echols ROCKS! Not only does Such a Rush live up to all of her other amazing books, but it kind of surpasses them. It captivated me from the very beginning to end. Her characters were beautifully written and all came to life in the darkest, most twisted way possible. It was such a thriller!!! Filled with gallons of hot romance, a killer plot, and bad-ass characters, fans of Jen's previous books will most definitely not be disappointed, and readers who are new to her books will gobble this one up too!

Honestly, I have no clue how Jen does it. Every single one of her books are so well-written with thoroughly engaging story lines and amazing characters. I am a HUGE fan of both her Romantic Dramas and Comedies, but I have to say that I enjoy her Dramas are a little bit more than the comedies. Such a Rush, in my opinion, was the perfect mix! Throughout the novel, Jen incorporated a whole lot of wit, snark and humor... I friggin LOVED it!

“The lieutenant leading the group was a tall blond. I couldn’t tell for sure since he was wearing mirrored shades, but I thought he was boyishly handsome, like Alec. He came straight for me because, dressed in a bikini top, I was obviously in charge of this airport.”

BAHAHA. See what I mean? Jen is made of nothing but pure awesomeness.

So, I can't go into too much detail as it isn't out yet, and I'm going to try my best, but if you think you might be heading into a spoiler, just stop reading. Sometimes, when I love a book as much as I loved this one, I get a little... (ok, A LOT) carried away. :')

So... I'm telling you, BEWARE. And don't say I didn't warn you! :P

We are introduced to Leah and her love of flying and airplanes at the very beginning of the book. She lives in a trailer, with her mom, and she works hard to pay the rent. Her dream is to become a pilot, but how is that possible if she can barely support herself? Then, one day, a miracle (or something like it) happens, and she gets a spot in Mr. Hall's flying academy. Everything is going great, and Leah Jones finally starts working towards her dream.

Then, tragedy strikes. Mr. Hall dies in a spontaneous heart attack, and Leah, and his two sons, are left heartbroken. Fast forward to three years later. Leah has basically given up hope, and is still living with her mom and unstable boyfriend. Things aren't going that well. To add to her horrible living conditions, Grayson, adrenalin junkie and Mr. Hall's son, not to mention, her long-time crush, offers Leah a flying job. After she refuses, he blackmails her by digging up her most damning secret, and holds it above her head, forcing her to fly. Before she knows it, Leah is caught between two brothers in a deadly game. What does Grayson want from her? And how is it possible that even though he's so dangerous, she can't help but feel sparks whenever he's around?

A thrilling and fast-paced roller-coaster ride till the last page, Such a Rush is one heck of a Romantic Drama. The characters are so realistic and wonderful, and (I know this will sound cheesy, but it's true!), special in their own way... I loved it! And (sorry in advance about the fan-girl squealing, and exclamation marks, but), OMFG Grayson is SO HOT!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him!! Eeep!! He is definitely going down as one of my favorite book boyfriends EVER!
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Mimi Valentine Somehow I missed adding this book to my Goodreads TBR pile, but ohmygoodness, I just corrected that because this sounds SO AMAZING! I think this is going to be my first Jennifer Echols book, and boy am I glad that it is because the story sounds heartbreaking and Grayson sounds so swoon-worthy <3 Amazing review, Riya! :)

Riya Hehe thanks Mimi!! ILY for stopping by and I always love your sweet comments! <3 OMG you haven't read any Jennifer Echols books?? You should!! I think you would love them!! I was just looking at some of her books on gr, and I actually thought 'Mimi would love this book!' :')

Riya And I forgot to say this but OMG GRAYSON IS SO HOT. Seriously!!!! I lOve his badass-ness so much!!!! :)

Eunice Hi Riya! I got to stop reading your review because I don't wanna get spoiled. But I'm glad you enjoyed it and that you find it a perfect mix of her comedy and drama. I'm really looking forward to this one! :))

Riya @Eunice: Aaaw I really tried not to include any spoilers but I guess I always knew it would be nearly impossible for me because I really loved this book!! :D I think you'll love it too... Well I really hope so!! XD I can't wait to read your review. Thanks for stopping by sweetie! <3

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