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Across the Universe by Beth Revis
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May 11, 2012

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Okay Beth Revis, we need to talk. I’m not thoroughly familiar with science-fiction as it relates to space voyages and exo-planets, but I think this story has too many flaws to ignore.

My first question: How are 2000+ people flying around space, roughly thirteen generations into the future so technologically behind? I remember reading in the book that the ship was built around 2036, so if that was about the time Amy was alive, that would put the current time of voyage around 2450-2500, right? Are you telling me in four to five-hundred years we are still using things like keypads and elevators? Really?

Second question: Could they really reach mono-ethnic status in that short period of time? I find it very hard to believe that after only a few centuries they all looked almost exactly the same. I’m sure there are some dominant genes that would begin to define their small population, but still. It seems rather quick. I’m no scientist, so I may be wrong.

Third question: Why do they appear to be speaking Cockney English?

Fourth question: How did nobody notice that Eldest, Orion and Elder were the same person? No one, not even THEY noticed that they looked exactly alike? Going back to question two, I realize that supposedly everyone looked similar because of their mono-ethnicity, but would you still not notice they’re clones of each other? That seems way too far-fetched.

Last question: Why did we not find out until the end how Amy was unplugged? That changed everything about the entire story and it was only brought up in the last five pages or so. I’m left with sub-questions: Were the unplugging of the rest of the bodies coincidence? Honestly, how did they come to the military conclusion so easily? How did nobody ever try to wi-com Orion and notice he didn’t have one? Why wasn’t Harley’s suicide investigated, after-all, Elder was the only witness. Where do they get their water from? If they are 150 years behind schedule, shouldn’t their resources be depleted?

I will read the second book in hopes of checking any of these questions off my list.

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