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A Cold Winter's Day by Lynn Hagen
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Raising seven bear shifter sons is widower Malcolm Lakeland’s legacy to his beloved wife. These days Malcolm feels the weight of loneliness pressing in on him as the years pass by. Though his wife wasn’t his mate the bear shifter loved her, but now he holds onto the hope that maybe, just maybe his mate is out there somewhere waiting to be found.

Considering how bitterly cold it is maybe running wasn’t the smartest thing to do, except Luke refuses to turn his 5 month old son Cole over to Shanta, leader of the woodland elves. When his wife died in childbirth Luke vowed to take care of Cole to the very best of his ability and that doesn’t mean giving him away. Shanta wants Cole for something evil, Luke knows it to the bottom of his soul, so running is his only option.

Feeling his age after helping Maverick at the youth center one chilly afternoon Malcolm is stunned to find a half frozen elf and a baby hiding in the back of his truck bed when he gets home. First things first, Malcolm has to warm the unconscious elf, feed and change the baby, and find out what the heck is going on. Fate moves in mysterious way and this one is a doozy ‘cause Malcolm knows immediately that he’s just found his mate and he’s got pointed ears. Something tells him trouble is coming.

A Cold Winter’s Day is an irresistible blend of heart, passion and excitement. The 25th story in the wildly popular Brac Pack series at last brings Papa Bear Lakeland his own true mate in a gentle and dignified woodland elf. Emotions run high in this tale which enriches the overall plot where a tiny baby’s life hangs in the balance. These well drawn characters come alive on the page from Malcolm’s weary solitude to Luke’s despair of saving his son, nothing is left out. Also, when there’s a moment in all the action, the sexual activity between the mates is spicy hot. A compelling mix of drama and romance, A Cold Winter’s Day is the best yet. I Joyfully recommend A Cold Winter’s Day. Fans are going to love it and new readers will be sorry they didn’t start the series sooner.

Reviewed by Lisa for Joyfully Reviewed

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