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Promises to Keep by Janet  Miller
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May 11, 2012

it was amazing

Imagine Earth is England, and Gaia is the US just after the revolutionary war.

During the war, Earth hit a key target on Gaia and killed most of the females on the planet. So....... Gaia needs women!

This story revolves around a obstetrician, who decides to try her luck with husband hunting on the colony worlds. The ship of ‘mail order brides’ is hijacked by the Gaians, and the hundreds of brides are offered a choice. Instead of shipping out to the primitive frontier colonies, marry a Gaian man! Become the center of his world, live in a technically advanced, and ecologically beautiful planet, make lots of babies, live long and prosper with a guy who ‘CAN”T’ cheat on you!

Here’s the fun part. Until a Gaian male ‘attaches’ to a female, they physically are unable to consummate. Also - here’s the cool chick fantasy part “once attached, they CAN”T commit adultery”. That’s right. Physical impossibility. (If they could put that in a pill and market it, the pharmaceutical company that makes it, would be the richest company on the planet overnight.)

So..... the Gaians have some pretty complicated matrimony rules. Men and women who are unattached, must never be near each other outside of the matching ceremony. The process was fascinating, and the author has a spacious and glorious imagination to come up with this stuff.

The obstetrician ends up (small spoiler) attached to the captain of the vessel, to a man whom she has known as the “Beast” who murdered her best friend and a bleep load of military personnel during the war. Most of the book revolves around their reconciling their growing attachment to each other.

I would compare this general scenario - i.e., an enemy general claiming an enemy bride, against both their wishes, to the Loribelle Hunt’s novels “Invasion Earth” “Leaving Earth”, but with MUCH tamer love scenes. Or to the Monette Michaels novel “Prime Obsession” with the ‘Mars needs women’ theme.

I loved the novel. Thought it was just peachy.
Thought the people who were supposed to be from the future were stupid as dog poo to believe that ‘natural child birth’ is better than ‘drug assisted oblivion childbirth’. Besides, the kid will try every drug and drink in the world when they hit college, so what’s the harm in letting it be born with a little residual high? If you’ve ever given birth, you know what I’m talking about.

Alas, I’m addicted to yet another romantic sci-fi author.
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