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Beauty and the Werewolf by Mercedes Lackey
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May 10, 2012

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Popcorn book, I thought it would read faster than it did. Fairy tale reimagining, combining elements of Beauty and the Beast with Little Red Riding Hood, as she does in her fairytale kingdom. Like the latter Herald books it reads very didactically; ie someone tells the main character to think through the consequences, and she proceeds to do so for the next two pages. For young adults not familiar with how to plan things or figure things out this may be helpful, but overall it was more tell than show. The bad guy was pretty evident and I didn't see how the smart heroine didn't suspect him. Lackey was very focused on countering standard fairy tale tropes (which is lampshaded in the story) such as having nice but vapid stepsisters and stepmother, and making granny a moderately powerful and slightly scientific mentor figure. I was disappointed not to see the LRRH ending that I was expecting. Overall standard fare, with her usual strengths (decent plotting) and weaknesses (overexplicated).

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