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City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare
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May 10, 2012

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** spoiler alert ** City of Lost Souls....

...In which there is much pussyfooting and wishy-washiness. Where for once the title is aptly appropriate.

In all seriousness, it's better than the last one but not by much. With what little plot Book 4 & 5 had, they could have easily been condensed into one. Things didn't start to stir until about 50% into the book. And so much was packed into the last 20 that it was almost a little dizzying.

We finally get to know Sebastian (or the real Jonathan Morgenstern)a little better. Which is nice As a bad guy, he's more interesting than his daddy Valentine. And hey, look, now we get mention of real incest instead of the fake one from before. So, that's interesting.

Among the most ridiculous things is Alec getting ‘love advice’ from Camille, the rogue vampire queen and Magnus’ former flame. As a sub-plot there is mention of 13-year-old Maureen (you know, the girl Simon bit last book) is crazy killing everyone. Yeah, I buy that. Not.

Apparently what little training Clary got from Jace last book turned her into Xena the warrior princess. She already has that super-magical rune-creating powers from her angel blood. All Jace got was an extra oomph in the Shadowhunter arsenal. Oh wait-- he's the boy on heavenly fire. My bad.

In essence, this book is really all about relationships. Everyone seems to be more than a little heartsick. Unless you are Maia and what's-his-face, and get sexy times. Unlike Jace and Clary, who are used to giving me blue balls. Damn them.

As usual, Magnus is easily the best character. I almost died of shock when what almost-happened happened. Who else wants to smack Alec in the face for being so dumb?

I still stand that Maia is a useless character. I think its of universal understanding that Jocelyn sort of sucks. And Luke is prone to injury.

And I'm really starting to wonder how the hell a whole bad-ass war with hopefully some Jace and Clary sexy time is gonna even fit in the next book. I'm just saying.
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message 1: by Valinor (new) - added it

Valinor Apart from miss-spelling Alec's name. I'm sure this is a good review. I've yet to buy it, and after reading this and a few others, I've no idea if I even want to.

Julie whoops, my bad. i fixed that, thanks. it's worth reading, at the very least.

Emma I don't get why Maureen was mentioned, because it was so brief, unless it is a plot in the next book.

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