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Sounds of Love by Susan Laine
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it was amazing
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** spoiler alert ** Reviewed by Stacey Jo: What a great story! It was nearly impossible to put it down. The characters in the story were all very lovable and engaging, and the story was well developed and well written.

Jordan Waters is a police officer who has transferred into the D.C. police department from out of state after recovering from being shot. He's left his family behind though and he's lonely. But his reputation as a player precedes him.

Sebastian Sumner is a police volunteer working at the station who is deaf. Despite, or more like because of his deafness, he is extremely courageous and has wicked sense of humor.

Jordan and Sebastian first meet at a poker game and they are instantly attracted, or at least Jordan thinks they are, but instead of charging ahead and conquering Sebastian like he would any other guy, Jordan senses that there is something different about Sebastian. They have their first opportunity to get to know each other on a long car ride home and it's at that point that Jordan knows he's crazy about Sebastian, but Sebastian has him totally off his game.

They take their time in getting to know each other. At least there is no instantly hopping into the bed. And it's a really nice, steady, hot, slow build. They both have the art of the tease down really well and it's good fun to watch them both in action. And once they do get together... Wow! You'll be fanning yourself! They are smoking hot together. They don't just get right to it either. They know how to enjoy each other's bodies and work up to the good stuff. If you enjoy good foreplay and smoldering love scenes, then you've found your book.

The dialogue is sharp and well paced. Sebastian is quick witted and humorous. Jordan does a lot of introspection but what I found interesting is that he analysed himself a lot which most people either can't or aren't willing to do. He seems to know what his demons are and understand then. It doesn't mean he handles them well but Sebastian, being deaf most of his life is capable of reading people very well and he knows exactly how to handles Jordan when he isn't saying what the problem is.

Being that these are cops we do get some excitement with a shooting scene which lends a little bit of predictability to the book. The other characters have some minor issues that add some interest to the story as well.

Speaking of the other characters, Bro and Jack, Sebastian and Jordan's little brothers, respectively, made wonderful supporting characters and nearly stole the show themselves. I actually looked up Ms. Laine's website to see if there was another book that followed this one in hopes that there as another book that would involve one of these characters. The story is certainly written so that a sequel could be possible with a number of the secondary characters. Several of Jordan's police buddies turn out to be gay but that's nothing unusual seeing as how gay officers would naturally gravitate to each other and hang out together.

I really hope Ms. Laine writes a sequel to this because I'll definitely be there to read it.

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