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Alpha by Rachel Vincent
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May 10, 2012

it was amazing

They are all finally in Montana for the voting of the new council leader, Malone's push to kick out Faythe's dad and to basically have his own dictatorship. Of course things continually go his way using his underhanded techniques and sneaky behind the scenes moves. Even though they had decided to 'give peace a chance' they know that they will probably still be going to war with Malone and dealing with casualties. Everyone starts aligning themselves with certain prides, and its splitting up families, some brothers enforcing for faythe's family and some for malone. While there Malone decides that he is going to make a huge power grab and assign his own version of homeland security and have enforcers police all the cats and do the unprecidented and carry guns. Which is the perfect time to arrest Marc, Jace and Faythe for trespassing and murder and all the usual LOL. But of course calling Faythe a whore, threatening to rape her and just being bastards over all. Got to say all the rape threats kind of made me tense, just happened too often but seemed too plausible with the overall behavior of the agressive men/cats and after all that happened in the first book. Anyway, Faythe has yet to choose between Jace and Marc and now everyone knows about it and are using it not only against her but against Marc. Even though you know there is going to be war and death it still made me cry when someone important died. Needless to say, things get really real, Faythe has to step up in a major way and makes some huge missteps in the process and man does she get injured LOL. Asuming this in the end of the series, besides the short story in the anthology, and obviously a ton more could be done with it but am pretty satified with the ending. Great series, sad to be done with it.

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