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Dark Storm by Christine Feehan
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New characters when we already have soooo freaking many OLD ONES!!
When the fu*** is she going to write about all of those old characters?!?!?

What about the dragon sisters?
And Skylar, Solange´s cousin, Gabriela, and all those new warriores -- What about all of them??

Is she going to write their story´s when we are all old and senil?? IN 2050?!?!?

God, I´m really royal pissed!!! ÒÓ

PS - Dax?!?! Really!!
I think that i´,m really going to give up on this series .. It´s just draging and draging and it never develops! And C.F: is always introducing new chacarcters but never does their storys and that really thicks me off!!!!
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Tracym Yes i agree she introduces all these characters then never writes their books. I have been waiting for her to write Skylar's book forever I mean you already know she is to be the wolf ranchers mate yet that was all introduced what 6-7 books ago. That would be a very intresting book, and as you said the Dragon Seeker sisters, and Gabriela. I do believe she did a short story on Solange's cousin she ended up with one of the brothers in South America. She truly needs to finish up with old characters before she introduces whole new ones

message 2: by Jo Ann (new) - added it

Jo Ann My thoughts exactly! Thought the story might be Skylar's. I'm very disappointed.

message 3: by Tania (new)


Just in case we all forgot Dimitri looks like this...

The wolf shifted. The heavily muscled, furred body gave way to a tall, broad-shouldered man with shining black hair streaming down his back. His face was harshly sensual, a carving of stone with lines etched deep and a strong jaw and masculine mouth. His eyes were so blue they seemed to burn over her.

Which in my brain equates to....


Seriously doing my head in waiting for their story...

Tracym I dont know I think she should finish what she starts is all. I llike her books and story lines but she keeps heaping all these new characters on us its hard to keep them all straight. By the time she gets back to Dimitri everyone will forget the story line, and the tention between him and Lucas.

Tracym What about finishing the stories about the group that ended up in Abandoned on their own raised in Darkest Fire. She could wrap all them up she touched on some but not all. Finish Skylar, The Dragon seeker Twins, and well it goes on.

message 6: by Ruby (new)

Ruby Sorry, this just made me laugh. I don't necessarily disagree with you, but isn't it a bit late to have these doubts at book 23? XD

message 7: by Mimi (new)

Mimi lol @tracym i actually have forgotten the tension between dimitri and lucas. It was soo long ago i dont remember it. CF am a huge fan but after dark predator scarred me. It was horrific. I just looked this up caz i was curious but i dont think i have the energy for new characters.

Tracym No its hard to except new characters when old ones are still lingering in the wind with no resolution. I enjoy the books greatly just wish she wouldnt jump around so much and finish a few things up......

Courtney I believe all of the dark troubedors from darkest fire have already found their lifemates. Spraking of Dimitri and Lucas, who was Lucas I can't remeber? PLEASE WRITE SKYLAR'S STORY! She's like 24 now it seams. Not a teenager anymore. We are all waiting. Demitri can't hold on much longer. He was close to turning years ago. Give him a break.

Tracym Lucas is Skylars adoptive father one of the twins that went to ground for a 1000 years. He and his life mate are raising Skylar......

message 11: by Mimi (new)

Mimi I am still debating whether to read this book. Dark predator was soo horrendous i still have not gotten over it. i looked this up only because i was curious being CF fan for soo long, sigh* 6_6

I think me and CF may part ways here. Dont think have the energy for new characters with soo many stories left untold.

message 12: by Sandra_23 (new) - added it

Sandra_23 I know right?!? I mean, poor Dimitri. He doesn't seem to get a break, for exactly how long is he suppose to wait ? How long are WE suppose to wait?? I think I'm just gonna pick this series again when CF starts writing about OUR character's, the ones we actually wanna read about and not some pseudo-carpathian-flower-freaking-couple !!

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