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On the Prowl by Patricia Briggs
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May 10, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: urban-fantasy, weres, magick, interdimension, fairy-tales, steamy

I'm such a prude. I picked this up because it had urban fantasy written all over it, but what I hadn't considered was that it was a romance book. I did really like most of it. The story by Sunny was totally *not* my thing, but her cosmology was still intriguing. I most like the story by Karen Chance, which I did not expect because of the sort of sassy way it started. This story was both funny and exciting, though I had just read a number of other stories where (view spoiler), and I was totally pissed about the (view spoiler). The Sunny story was a bit intense sexually, and I felt like I was reading one of those stories ambiguously written by who-knows-what-gender for some trashy magazine, but as I said, the world building was interesting - and I am a book prude. And to the author's credit, the main character, while a bit of a round-heel, was never a weakling. Romance tends to objectify women in a way that...I won't say I can't abide, I mean after all these are female authors and this is fantasy, but ...I find *wincable*. Yes, that's it, it makes me wince. So Patricia Brigss, the story was great, but I have the exact same criticism as this person [] who says that the previous abuse suffered by the main character, was so hard to stomach that it made it hard to picture her opening up to someone new, that easily anyway. But the story was otherwise, really good. And I do think that it is really important that fantasy and whimsey become used to embracing important life-altering topics, like (view spoiler). And Eileen Wilks had a really good story as well, with a strongish female character. Her story was a bit less calculated in the execution (I initially wrote sloppier, but that is unfair because I also mean not formulaic and more free flowing), but stronger in the connection to the characters. Wilk's world, though less organized is very unique.

All stories had a fair amount of moral ambiguity and all were exciting.

All and all, this was a good read.

So recap -
PB scores for world-builing and plot, and suspense.
EW scores for characters, especially the female lead and the 'villain'. And bonus points for creativity of worlds.
KC scores for humor, female lead and world building, and action.
Sunny scores for world-building, mood and strong female lead - but scores red red hot for dirty sex.

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