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While it's nice to see folks out there giving this book five stars, and in some cases even reviewing it, I'll admit that I'm kinda puzzled.

After thinking it over for a while, I've realized there's only one explanation for this:

Time travelers love my books.

This is strangely reassuring, as it lets me know that, eventually, I do finish my revisions, and the book turns out good enough so that I still have a following out there in the big ball of wibbly-wobbly.... timey-wimey.... stuff that I like to think of as the future.

I would also like to say, future readers, that I appreciate your taking time to read and review my books. It's really flattering knowing that even with time-travel technology at your disposal, you'd rather read my stuff and mention it here on goodreads, rather than, say, hunt dinosaurs, get drunk with da Vinci, or pants Hitler.

Secondly, I'd like to say if you're The Doctor, and you're reading this, I would make an excellent traveling companion. I know you normally tend to hang out with pretty young women and robot dogs. And honestly? I respect that.

Still, I bring certain things to the table. Humor, witty banter, and a beard that will allow me to blend in seamlessly with any pre-industrial Germanic culture. I'm also an excellent kisser and play a mean game of Settlers of Catan.

Just throwing it out there.

Lastly, if any of you happen to have a digital copy of the book you'd like to e-mail me, I'd really appreciate it. I'd love to see the five-star version of the book, because right now, the one I'm toiling away at is about a three an a half-in my opinion. It would save me a lot of work if I could just skip to the end and publish it.

Sincerely yours,


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message 1: by Keri (new)

Keri Can't wait!!! Please have Nick Podehl do the audio again. :)

message 2: by LenaLena (new) - added it

LenaLena Yeah, I am not holding my breath for that publication date, but YAY! Write, Pat, write!

message 3: by Misha (new)

Misha As a librarian, I have been telling SOOOO MANY readers about these books. Someone literally asked yesterday when book 3 was coming out. Even a soft date is helpful!

message 4: by Nate (new) - added it

Nate Woohooo, I twitch with excitement.

Elizabeth (Miss Eliza) Please leave Adric out of this.

message 6: by L. (new) - added it

L. Lawson Haha awesome. I'm saving AWMF until just before book 3 comes out. Strange, I know, but I'm a patient person.

message 7: by David (new)

David Pat - Do you have a boardgamegeek id? Are you familiar with other great games out there? Many of my favourites are based on books - Pillars of the Earth and Game of Thrones. Bring on the Wind Game.

message 8: by David (new) - added it

David Pat, you are awesome.

message 9: by Robert (new)

Robert Placencia This post is full of win! If you ever find yourself in Tucson AZ, I challenge you to a friendly drunk game of Munchkin! The gauntlet is thrown sir.

message 10: by Alison (new) - added it

Alison My heart skipped a beat when I saw your post on opening this page! Please don't do that again until it is finished! Very exciting, glad to hear it will be so good and thank you for toiling away.

message 11: by Juliana (new) - added it

Juliana Giacobelli Epic Pat post is Epic lol

message 12: by Darren (new)

Darren I'd send you my copy of 3, but it's really big and very heavy (all those full-colour illustrations were a nice touch, by the way), which is a way of saying:

a) I'm cheap.
b) There are still cockroaches in the future, and 3 is better than my Riverside Chaucer for killing those tough bastards.

message 13: by Dani (new) - added it

Dani Thank you for this ray of sunshine on a drab Rhode Island morning. I nearly spit out my coffee laughing. You are great and I'm sure The Doors of Stone will be great too. Not just the imaginary version but your version.

message 14: by sola (new)

sola :D

message 15: by Kaye (new) - added it

Kaye hahahaha... i wish i was as witty as you pat!!! that just made my life!

message 16: by Michael (new) - added it

Michael Ward Even if what you have so far is written on dirty Starbucks coffee napkins and told through interpretive dance, I'm sure it's all kinds of awesome. Can't wait to read the finished product. I'd start it today but my flux capacitor has been acting up and I do not want to wind up in medieval Europe again. Stupid bubonic plague.

message 17: by Kimberly (new) - added it

Kimberly It warms my heart to know such a great author loves Doctor Who like I do. I'd also make an excellent companion. Maybe we can apply together. Can't wait to see if all my predicting about the new novel is true :)

message 18: by Tomas (new) - added it

Tomas Herbertson Oh yeah, Book 3 is awesome. Of course, it's the urban fantasy that comes after that really takes off as-

Oh, but I've said too much. Sorry. Got to go.

message 19: by Tammie (new) - added it

Tammie Hahaha! So that explains it! I always wondered about those people.

message 20: by Adam (last edited May 10, 2012 11:53AM) (new) - added it

Adam Shaeffer Getting an actual review from the Dr. . . now that would make an epic blurb :-)

message 21: by Mary Jane (new) - added it

Mary Jane Love it! And isn't nice to know that you won't fail? :)

message 22: by Simona (new) - added it

Simona HAH! And me, here having fits thinking of all those mysterious people having read very, very advanced copies of the book! My faith in justice is restored!

message 23: by Ricardo (new)

Ricardo Marín I die of laughter xD

message 24: by Tara (new)

Tara Nice one! I really thought for a second that the book was finished ...

message 25: by Josh (new)

Josh Meadows I chuckled.

message 26: by Kate (new)

Kate Stewart If I could time travel, I would probably go and get this book.

message 27: by Urbanista (new) - added it

Urbanista I'll give it five stars too, because I already know I'm gonna love it!

message 28: by Linette (new) - added it

Linette This post wins my vote for you as the Doctor's next companion.

message 29: by Christa (new) - added it

Christa Vorra First of all I think it's hilarious that because I had to hit "more" to read the rest of this post that at the end it says:
Sincerely yours,
Don't know why... but I find it hilarious.

Secondly, now that you've rated your third book I would really love to know what you rate your other books at.

message 30: by Alistair (new) - added it

Alistair Dude you set the bar really high, I like some of the other posters saw your comment on my phone and was on my way to the book store! Heck I give your book future book five stars..also any of these time travellers cross my path they're going to find that there advanced copy of your book is going to be mine!

message 31: by Derek (new) - added it

Derek LOL! That was great.

message 32: by [deleted user] (new)

*just spewed rootbeer all over my 'puter*

message 33: by Allison (new) - added it

Allison I must admit, it kind of drives me nuts when people rate a book (or movie) before it's even out (or finished). I get that we're all super excited (so excited!), but it must skew the final ratings so much! So I like the way that your own review points this out, in a very tongue-in-cheek way.

message 34: by Martin (new) - added it

Martin Tapp The next book might only be 3.5 stars at the mo (although I seriously doubt that!) but your post is definitely FIVE STARS LMAO.

message 35: by Wang (new) - added it

Wang Xiuyi HAHAHA excellent review!

message 36: by Jon (new)

Jon it bad that I get the Whovian references even though the only episode I've ever seen is "Blink"?

message 37: by Gutemann (new)

Gutemann Pleeeeaaaase go offline and continue writing. I need this book^^!

message 38: by Amber (new) - added it

Amber Sorry Pat - No time to send digital copy, plus, if I did send it, it would go to future you since I cant send digital media backward in time. :( Next time I'm visiting 2113 I'll try to grab the hardback. However, now that you've mentioned getting drunk with Da Vinci, I see my time has been vastly waisted and I will be doing some more recreational the past...BAHAHAHA

message 39: by Jesica (new) - added it

Jesica I cant wait until you publish your book.. and i know, even if it takes another 10 years, you wont publih it until your satisfied. and you wouldnt be sastified with a 3.5 star rating. Its worth the wait for your wonderful books! I can alwasy re-read one of the other two! id be aweful sad if the workd ended in Dec and i never got to read your book, so if thats the case, (mayeb the time travelers know for sure), go ahead and publish it so i can get the jist of what happens. xoxo.

message 40: by Katy (new) - added it

Katy Pool This post made me realize that if I ever got to ask one favor from Patrick Rothfuss it would be to play a game of Settlers with me. But only the OG version. No Seafarers or Cities&Knights bullshit.

message 41: by Karla (new) - added it

Karla well dude if the doctor likes it then obviously it is 5 star...

message 42: by Priya (new) - added it

Priya I dont want to give the plot away .. But as the saying goes .. the third time pays all ! Its a stunning plot that will leave you like a lovers embrace.. Wanting more but you dont want to look desperate. . So as a fan I give it a 5 star that it deserves just so that the writer brings out a more magnificient book four inorder to surprise us ;)

message 43: by Kat Kennedy (new)

Kat Kennedy I am a time traveller but I try to rate and review books in their correct time period.

I would send you a copy but the release of your book is a fixed point in time so I can't mess with that. I know you'll understand.

message 44: by B (new)

B "Time travelers love my books."

With all the holodeck sex they will be having it is a wonder that they have time to read.

message 45: by B (new)

B And to all the people who say "I CAN'T WAIT!" I do understand but there are plenty of other great books for you to read.

message 46: by Tahni (new) - added it

Tahni I can't quite express how happy this makes me.

message 47: by Steve (new)

Steve Owens What I am anticipating from the 3rd book with fanboy giddiness alone rates a strong 4 1/2!

message 48: by Razmatus (new)

Razmatus haha this review made me rofl all the way even though I still havent gotten to your first two books lol... I am still reading Malazan book of the fallen, currently book 4, so sorry, but I wont get to you very soon... also cos before getting to your book I plan to read a couple scifi classics first :)

message 49: by Anonymous (new)

Anonymous As a time traveler from the future, I can tell you the book is amazing.
Also, when you named the book Doors of Stone, I would have never expected that you meant the lair of the weeping angels. Shame he had to blink...

message 50: by Sarah (new) - added it

Sarah You are officially my favorite person on this planet. Thank you.

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