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Hidden Agendas by Lora Leigh
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Sep 12, 2008

really liked it
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Recommended to jenjn79 by: continuation of a series
Read in September, 2008

Rating: 4.5 / 5

As much as I enjoyed Dangerous Games, I think I enjoyed this one a bit more. It was a little more solid on the suspense side of things, but still fairly hot - though maybe not as erotic as Dangerous Games (which is a little disappointing).

Emily was a great heroine to read. I really enjoyed her a lot. She's got this innocent, naive sheen to her, but underneath, she's a total bad-ass. That amused me to no end. I loved all her antics, and the fact that she didn't cower and hide when facing adversity. I thought what she did at the end of the book was a great way to go. It fit perfectly.

And she and Kell were an interesting, and at times very sweet, couple. I liked that their relationship had a different vibe than the one between Morganna and Clint in Dangerous Games. It would have been easy for Leigh to write a very similar romance in this book, but she gave it a nice variation to keep things from being stale.

The storyline is a continuation of what happened in Dangerous Games (and also the nouvellas I don't have). Drug lord Diego Fuentes is still wreaking havoc on the SEALS. The plot worked for me...though I have to admit I thought the identity of "Judas" was really obvious. Mr. White, though, I didn't know how that was until it was revealed. Always a bonus when an author can keep a bad guys identity secret.

...and I understand now why it was recommended to me to read the Leigh's other SEAL books before Wild Card so that Nathan's story can be fully appreciated.

I did notice some inconsistencies in details that bugged me occasionally, but maybe I'm the only one who noticed them.

Otherwise, two thumbs up from me. Again, it's not a highly erotic book like many of other of Leigh's stories, but it's still more explicit than most other main stream romances. I like that. It adds some spice. So if you like hot sex, hotter SEALS, and a good storyline, then you should give this series a try.
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message 1: by Sherry (new)

Sherry I haven't read any Lora Leigh works, from your reviews though, she's going to have to got on my TBR pile. LOL

message 2: by Collette (new) - added it

Collette I'll have to get started on these one of these days. They sound really good!

Heather Me too! And I love Lora Leigh, so you would think I would have already read this series! ;)


jenjn79 I've been enjoying this series quite a bit, so I definitely recommend giving them a try!

ElaineY Lora Leigh wasn't one of my favorites as her erotic romances weren't my type themes but when she came out with her first romantic suspense paperback, Dangerous Games, I snapped it up. I was disappointed with that book, feeling just as you do - neither erotic nor suspenseful. Leigh'd pulling punches when it came to the sex was so obvious it got me really mad and felt very cheated. Just a lot of teasing but no actual doing. For me, I'd rather the author focus on the suspense-mystery so as to make up her mind what type of book she's giving her readers.

Don't let Dangerous Games put you off if you haven't read this yet. The series DOES get progressively better in both the action-suspense as well as the sex. In fact, they are, IMO, the first mass paperback erotic suspense to hit the shelves and I'm sure other authors will be scrambling to follow suit. All the erotic romances out there are in those tradeback publication, not mass paperback.

jenjn79 I still enjoyed the book quite a bit...but it did have that mixed-up feel to it. Erotic romance, or suspense? And it didn't fit either.

And I know it probably made sense to ton down the sex compared to her erotic romances - some of those are way out there - but some of her phrasing and word choices just made me shake my head. Like saying "sexual toy" instead of just sex toy, or something more descriptive. "Sexual toy" just comes across as trying to make things too proper. Shannon McKenna's erotic-romantic-suspenses are more explicit (language wise) than Leigh's.

But I still liked this one.

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