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Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jim Benton
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May 09, 2012

it was ok
Read on May 09, 2012

Agreed. Let's totally pretend this never happened. Because, frankly, this book kind of scared me.

I've started a project where I'm trying to read through the titles that are currently housed in my tiny library at which I work. I figured starting with the Children's Series section would be an easy, quick read and I would get some good titles for reader's advisory under my belt. Dear Dumb Diary seemed like a good place to start with it's high circulation and funny-sounding premise.

And at times it is funny (A line that made me laugh out loud? "Friends tell friends they're wearing antipersperant on their mouths."). Our middle school narrator, Jamie Kelly, is painstakingly ( so very painstakingly) honest in descriptions of the people in her life. Which is refreshing. I'm all for female characters who don't fit into the "nice-girl" mold. But, I do believe, at least by the end of the story, the character should reveal or obtain some redeeming quality. And poor Jamie Kelly has none.

And remember how I said above that it kinda scared me? Here's why (there are some spoilers):
1)Jamie has an obsessive preoccupation with a classmate Angeline, whom she claims to despise. To the point that she steals a chunk of her shorn hair and carries it around in her backpack. Uh, what now? She also purposefully gets in trouble to steal Angeline's permanent file to get "dirt" on her (and not in a we-are-gonna-solve-a-mystery way). Hmmm. Not necessarily the kind of heroine I'd want a child identifying with.
2)A character has a severe allergic reaction and instead of getting medical help (she's old enough to know better--she's in middle school), she pretends he's a prop for her school assignment.
3)She learns nothing and does not change by the end of the book. Then what was the point?

And I guess the point could be to make a tween girl laugh for a bit (please, please, please don't let your little ones read this), have someone with which she can identify (if she is a snarky little brat), or kill an hour with reading instead of watching tv.

So it could be worse, I guess.

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Criss Agreed.

message 2: by Kayleigh (new) - added it

Kayleigh Schaefer I get your point, but this book is just for entertainment. I agree with you greatly only to let Tweens read because they know better.

Sarah522 The Dear Dumb Diaries series are the worst books I have ever read in my life!

Michaela Branum Okay,I kinda get why it scared you,but none of it made sense. FYI I read all of them the age of 7.

message 5: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Brunt thank you for an honest review. I am considering these books for my daughter but I am looking for books with good role models, who make mistakes and learn from them. Girls who treat other people with dignity and respect and who respect themselves. I don't think our world needs any more bad role models.

message 6: by Tanya (new)

Tanya Hohn why cant little ones read them,im a kid and i have all 3 and i will get all even season 2.

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