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Bounce by Natasha Friend
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May 08, 2012

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By: Natasha Friend
Bounce is a non-fiction book with 188 pages by a lady named Natasha Friend. In the story a teenage girl named Evyn lives with her dad “Birdie” and big brother Mackey. When Evyn was only one her mother Stella died in a car accident. After a couple years, Birdie finally finds the right girl for him. Her name is Eleni who has six children already. Before they get married the whole family moves from Maine to Massachusetts. Evyn struggles with her new “to good, to preppy” mom Eleni, moving away from her best friend Jules, and the girls at her new school don’t like her that much anymore. As Evyn’s life progresses Birdie and Eleni tell their eight children they are having another child. Evyn now talks to her mom Stella every night for some advice, and when Stella does “reply” she tells Evyn to bounce-meaning to put a bounce in your step and bad things people say about you will bounce right off. Can Evyn handle all these changes? Will she loosen up to her mom?
This book is important to the world because the point of view is told from a teenage girl going through multiple changes in her life. Now a day teens don’t know how to handle things/themselves. By reading this book it shows people they’re not the only ones who struggle in life, there are many more. It also shows that even when someone close has passed away, you can still talk to them like they’re there.
Although this book is pretty good, it has a specific strength and weakness. Its strength is that throughout the story it is told from Evyn’s perspective which is easy to follow with, it’s not told from multiple views. It can also be known as a teenager’s perspective so teens can relate maybe even kids. A weakness it has is there are too many characters to tell who’s who. The book includes all of these characters- Evyn, Birdie, Mackey, Eleni, Thalia, Linus, Ajax, Clio, Cassie, Phoebe, Jules, Travis and the “group” from Evyn’s school. With all of these people it gets hard to tell who’s who, who’s a sibling or friend, and so on. If it had fewer characters the book might be better.
The way the author Natasha Friend writes affects the story a lot. It’s telling a story about a girl who has problems with all of these changes in her life. It’s told from someone who’s had the experience. Unlike if it was told from a person who hadn’t had the experience it would lack information on all the detail it has now.
All in all I would rate this book a 3/5. What I really like about the book is it shows how Evyn talks to her dead mom every night for advice. Her mother always “responds” to Evyn’s needs with good advice, like I said before, the tip to bounce. In the story this passage stood out to me the most “Stell? And even though I can’t see her anymore, even though I can barely conjure her smell I can feel her. Somehow, as crazy as it sounds I know she’s there” (pg. 188). This shows how much Evyn loves her mom even though she can’t remember her. You can always talk to your loved ones, even when there not standing by your side.

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