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Lion Of Darkness by Melinda Cross
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okay, so i started reading this book because two of my friends were really excited about this, and then I found out...OH MY GOD! is this book amazing or what!

It is so different from the other Harlequins I've read so far, and is so well written that I was a bit sad when it ended. Also, I would have really liked some sort of epilogue, but maybe that's because, I've gotten so used to them. It's not like the ending wasn't perfect, because it totally was.

Cassie is one of the best Harlequin heroines that I've come across, and the fact that she was blind, is what set her apart, I really liked the way she was so confident in expressing her feelings and asking straight, to-the-point questions, because that's all she could do, to clarify her doubts, her misunderstandings, and that is because she could not depend on her sight to see the answers for her self. If only other Harlequin heroines were like that they could not fall prey to misunderstandings that lack of communication causes between them and the heroes.

The hero, Dr.Wyatt Fields, is a strong character, but then all the other Harlequin heroes are strong too. What set him apart was though, after the initial denial, he does admit(even if just to himself) that he feels something towards Cassie, and that he cannot act upon his feelings in case he jeopardizes her chances of recovery, although his voice always sounds harsh and cold, his eyes always remain hopeful, that one day, her blank eyes may see something.

The other characters in this book were also so much better than other Harlequins. That's what I especially liked about this book, the characters were so real, they had so much depth to them. I really admire Melinda Cross that she wrote such a great story in a Harlequin plot.

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Saly Glad you liked it.

Siddhee Saly wrote: "Glad you liked it."


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