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Tanglewreck by Jeanette Winterson
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Sep 11, 2008

liked it
bookshelves: teen, children-s, sci-fi

i have mixed feelings about this book. it's one of those books that i got really sucked into right away. and nearly a year after reading it i still think about parts of it all the time and have fond memories of the novel.

i think the main issue for me was that she started off with all these great ideas and story lines and it kinda felt like midway through the book she was like "oh no, this is supposed to be a children's book, i need to wrap it up" and she just sort of dropped story lines and characters. so there were a few characters and storylines where i really didn't understand what they were supposed to contribute to the novel in the first place. i guess it felt like she got it going and had some great ideas and then just lost steam.

the thing i did enjoy was the way she really brought in a lot of cool nuclear physics ideas like black holes and wormholes and quantum computing and tied it into the story in a way that was really interesting.

it did feel like a lot of the ideas she had were taken straight from his dark materials and some other books, and i did read it while still in withdrawals from finishing his dark materials so that probably flavored my experience of reading it too.

overall though, i have some amazing feelings about this book but feel really disappointed in the way she tied it all together (or didn't)

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