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Queer Tales by Martin  Gray
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May 08, 2012

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I read the first three stories but will not be finishing this anthology. I try not to pick on the self-published because I do know a few of them and they work very hard, but unfortunately this collection can not fall in that category. I do love queer sci-fi, but I couldn't get into these stories.

1) Revelation - I don't know what the revelation was. Maybe that the superhero liked being a superhero? My concern here was that the author used Raytheon as a villain without any explanation as to why. He's opening himself to a potential libel suit by writing a story where a known company is accused of murder. Not that Raytheon would bother with a small time author, but maybe one of their lawyers has a chip on his shoulder. Also, this story has one of my big pet peeves: the over use of names in dialogue. Strangely, only by one of the characters. Two Stars

2) The Inconstant Star - This story is traditional sci-fi. I've read many along this style, and tend to enjoy them. This one dragged a bit, and I did expect the ending, but overall, it was a cute little story. Three (and a half) Stars

3) The Private Diary of Perfectman's Chum... - Okay, so I admit, I started off cynical simply because of the title, but the prose only reinforced my initial reaction. This story read as if the diary was written by a tween girl with a crush instead of a grown man with a boner for a hot superhero. Now, I don’t usually read superhero stories, so take this with a grain of salt, but I simply couldn’t get into it because of the tone of the narration. I’m also not a fan of the Dear Diary format either. So salt, tequila, and One Star.


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