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Slated by Teri Terry
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May 08, 2012

it was amazing
Read from May 27 to 28, 2012

After a heart-pounding, poetic prologue we are introduced to Kyla, a slight, wispy blond-haired sixteen-year-old who has been 'Slated!'
Given a second chance, her slate wiped clean by the Central Coalition, Kyla - a perceived criminal of the state - is reborn into her sixteen year old body with no memories. Processed and released from the nightmarish New London Hospital out of the care of the sinister, Dr Lysander and into the arms of her new family - Mum, Dad and sister, Amy - she is given a final chance to exist in this world.
Kyla is constantly monitored and her emotions recorded on a 1-10 scale by a Levo on her wrist - where 10 is utter joy, 5-6 is normal but less than 3 means a ticket to la-la land, seizures and a zapped brain.

As she settles into her new existence, Kyla has a burning desire to fill her blank mind. She must learn simple tasks again and as she does she discover natural skills and abilities from her past; a passion for owls and art, driving, running and of course boys! Now they can really mess up your levels!
Haunted by cruel flashbacks, Kyla breaks down the walls inside her mind as she searches for her true self. As she deals with Slater Haters, terrorists and sinister organisations, Kyla knows that every move she makes could be her last.

This is a fantastic dystopian, sci-fi concept which is superbly paced and written very much 'in the moment.' Even throughout passages of wonderful stillness, you feel that Kyla is always running.
There's a great set up for the sequel, Fractured, which is already on my radar! Great stuff!

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