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3.75 or 4 stars?? 4 stars!

I was so glad when I found out that it will be Gabriel's story in the second book of this series. He's my favorite among the Merrick brothers and to finally be able to see and learn more of him was just freaking awesome. And I just love how Brigid Kemmerer thoroughly explored Gabriel's characteristics here from being a friend, a brother, a student, a lover and a hero.

What I enjoyed most was seeing the soft and vulnerable sides of Gabriel, the side which he usually hides through his tough facade. Here I was able to understand his reasons behind his impulsive, reckless and ill-tempered behavior. Much more to that was that I saw how much he actually valued his relationship with his family, especially with his twin brother, Nick.

Behind his tough and easy-going exterior was a sensitive boy who had his own frustrations, insecurities, regrets and sadness brought by the extraordinary circumstances their family had. Gabriel struggled to control his element and to prove that it could be used to do good things too. However, things didn't go easy. Beings accused of things he didn't do plus not being entirely trusted by his brothers made it even harder for him. But still he did the right things; save the lives of other people and his loved ones even if it might press him more to the accusations.

Layne was quite the opposite of Gabriel. Quiet, organized, responsible and patient. But what they had the same was the insecurities they had about their selves. Yet they fit each other, what's lacking with the other fills out by the other. Layne was a very genuine character and I love how she cared for his brother and how she didn't put up to any of Gabriel's sh*t during the earlier parts.

I was able to learn more of the other Merrick brothers as well. I was actually touched by Gabriel and Nick's relationship although (view spoiler). I was both impressed and sympathetic to Micheal especially with the things that he needed to do to keep his family safe and together. So I was really glad that by the end he got himself a girl *wink wink* Look out for that! And one more thing, I remember saying in my review in Storm that I didn't like Hunter, but after reading this, I think I'm really liking him! I love the camaraderie he and Gabriel shared here.

I love how Kemmerer captured the very realistic problems and struggles a family could have especially in the circumstances of the Merrick brother. There were moments between the brothers that were very poignant and heartbreaking and moments that were uplifting and touching. It was different or rather refreshing and new since on all theses dramas boys were the one involved. It wasn't awkward and I think the author captured just the right ways and emotions and thoughts these guys would have.

If you loved Storm, I'm sure you're gonna love this one even more. Brigid Kemmerer did a very wonderful job in writing an action-packed and thrilling paranormal book but with realistic and authentic teen and family problems with the hottest brothers in the YA world! lol! I recommend this book. :)

*Thank you Kensington and Netgalley for providing a review copy of this book!

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Eunice Oh, Sam. I actually didn't get a response too. But Jasprit told me that I can email Brigid my blog stats and she'll be the one to forward it to Kensington. I'll message you her email. :)

Eunice No problem! Hope you like it too and the Merrick brothers! Haha! :)

Rika - (The Unpretentious Reader) :O u read it already!! I envy you.. can'twait to catch up..

Eunice Rika! It was good. I feel like I got closer to the Merrick brothers. Haha! And I think I have a new favorite! NICK! LOL! Hope you can get into it soon. :)

Rika - (The Unpretentious Reader) Nick?? I can see that happening.. he's the nice one after all =D.. I favor Gabriel though.. been my fav. since book 1..

but tell me.. does Quinn get more space in this book or what?? plz say yes =D

message 6: by Eunice (last edited Aug 08, 2012 08:47AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Eunice Oh, Gabriel's my favorite since book 1 too. But Nick kinda scored a lot from me here. Haha! Hmmm, Quinn...she doesn't get that much major parts but (view spoiler)

Rika - (The Unpretentious Reader) =D well I was asking because that's exactly what I was hoping for.. I hope I see more of her later on though

♥Rachel♥ I can't wait to get to Gabriel! I love opposites attract love stories! I'm so happy to hear Michael gets a girl. It was so sad what happened to him in the past. Wonderful review Eunice. :)

Eunice @Sam: Thank you! I can't wait for you to meet them too! It's really refreshing to have boys as our main characters now instead of the usual girl power! Haha!

@Rachel: I think you're gonna really like this one. I get a little more closer with the brothers this time too. So part were just really touching. Thank you, Rachel! :)

Jasprit Beautiful review Eunice, I too seem to be a bit obsessed with the Merrick brothers, I love how with each book you think you have your favourite Merrick brother picked out, but then the next book totally makes you change your mind. Like you said Gabriel totally surprised me in this one too! I'm glad you enjoyed this more than the first one too! Lovely review Eunice! :)

Eunice Thank you, Jasprit! I totally agree with you! I think I'm leaning a bit more to Team Nick now! Haha! I want a story for him too. :D

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