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Sheltered by Charlotte Stein
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May 07, 2012

it was amazing
Read in May, 2012

LOVED!!!! Full review coming soon! An absolute favorite read!

Innocently sensual, sizzlingly sexual, Sheltered is the perfect blend of innocence, love, heat and trust.

I can truly and honestly say that Sheltered is one of my favorite read this year and I nearly wept when I came to the end. I want more more more!! I LOVE Evie and Van and I love what they have together. Van is many women's dream - hot, sexy, caring, a gentleman and did I mention HOT?! He deeply cares and cherishes Evie and will do anything to protect her and keep her safe from those she should be able to trust the most.

All of her life, Evie has been deeply sheltered from "real" life. Her father is beyond strict, abusive and cruel. She has never been exposed to music, movies, or any type of typical culture that teens, adults and children are exposed to. The fact that she has met a boy is sin that is sure to send her straight to hell - after her Dad kills her. Yes, this is a very real threat - I truly despised her father.

Needless to say, Evie is an innocent in every sense of the word. When she meets Van, her body begins to feel things that it has never felt before and he opens up an entirely new world to her - not just physically, but emotionally as well. The feelings that form between the two are all encompassing and drew me in deeply.

Sheltered is, indeed hot and sizzling, but in a way that is sweet. Van is such an amazingly caring man and does not want to push Evie into anything at all. He is the one that puts the halt to many encounters, not wanting to rush their relationship. The chemistry smokes from the pages and the emotions tug deeply at the heart. This is a story that blends true emotions, feelings and desire with an excellent story line that I could not get enough of. I am not one to reread books - simply because I have so many to read, however this is one that I know I will reread. Sheltered is the second book by Ms. Stein that I have read and I can say that I adore her work and plan on reading everything she has written that I can get my hands on. Also, I want to mention that this is a story that is on the erotica side, however that aspect is very mild - meaning there are no whips and chains, kinky sex, toys or anything of that sort. It is simply sweet, hot and full of emotions.

Before I end, I want to send a HUGE plead to Ms. Stein to write another book focusing on Evie and Van and their life together!! Pretty please?!?!

Quote: She hadn't meant it, and suspected that he definitely hadn't. He's seemed averse to moving their suddenly passionate kiss to the couch, and had absolutely opposed anything like lying down.

But after a while they'd ended up like this anyway - the back of her head almost on the arm of the seat. His body over hers, solid and glorious. If she shifted just a little he'd be between her legs, and then what?

Oh God, then what?

"Evie, stop," he said between kisses. She should have been relieved. She should have, but really all she could feel was the heavy and constant ache between her legs. How warm it made her feel, how daring.

And of course it only got worse when he said, "God, baby, you're so greedy."

It didn't even humiliate her. Somehow he made it sound like the sweetest, sexiest compliment, and when she pushed a hand through his hair and tried to get him to kiss her again, his lips parted. A ripple seemed to go through his body, as though it affected him as strongly as it affected her.

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