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The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
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May 07, 2012

liked it
Read from May 07 to 16, 2012

WHAT KIND OF ENDING WAS THAT!?!?! yes I know that he FINALLY found his treasure, but it seemed so.... rushed. Coelho should have added a part when he finally sees Fatima again and had an epilogue about how his future turned out. Anywho, the book wasn't really one of my faves, but it was really good at stating perspective and how different people think and act in terms of achieving thier dreams, or in The Achemist's terms their Personal Legends. I also liked how the book had good motivational quotes spiritual quotes. The main plot was simple, but it's subtext was complex, which to me deserves 3 stars.

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Reading Progress

05/09/2012 page 51
31.0% "Tuesday's hwk: i'm starting to grow on the book now. There are alot of good quotes in the book, that i cannot pick just one. I L.O.V.E. Santiago's determination to follow his dreams. Many people say they will do it, but never really does, like the baker. But santiago really does it!! #TEAMDREAMCATCHERS"
05/10/2012 page 71
43.0% "Wednesday hwk: I'm starting to get into hid book now. Its very simple yet has complex matters sewn into it. I like how Santiago is meeting people who have different takes on their personal lengends with the crystal merchant and the Englishman. I still LOVE his determination it's so inspiring! #TEAMDREAMCATCHERS"
05/10/2012 page 87
52.0% "Thursday hwk: I'm liking the book a bit more now, but would jot call this one of my top raves so far. Anywho, I like how Santiago is meeting different people who all have different takes on life. Like how he camel driver lives in the moment or how the Englishman applies science ce to his beliefs. Really interesting. Plus Santiago. Is sssooo close to Egypt!!! #TEAMDREAMCATCHERS"
05/14/2012 page 108
65.0% "Weekend Hwk: 1)WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GIRL WITH THE RAVEN HAIR?!?! Now he likes Fatima!?! oh well, at least he's in love. 2)Is Santiago like Joseph now because that he can interpret dreams?? (pg 106-107) #BIBLICLAL ALLUSION 3)so his plan has changed again just like it did when he left the cryastal merchant and didn't buy the sheep. So is he still in need of the treasure?? or is it Fatima?? #TEAMDREAMCATCHERS"
05/15/2012 page 123
74.0% "MON HWK: pg122 "I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you." **melts into a puddle of love** AAWWWW HOW CUTE!!!! Its kinda like Romeo and Juliet when they first met each other. Lets just hope that neither of them die. pg121: "'I'm going with you,' the boy said. And he immediately felt peace in his heart." YAY!! he's going to find his treasure!!!#TEAMDREAMCATCHERS"
05/15/2012 page 143
86.0% "Tuesday hwk: "'you're the only one who may die'...'I already know how to turn myself into the wind.'" uummm..... way to help an alchemist brotha out dude!!! Now you left Santiago all confused! SHAME ON YOU! now he might die!! #TEAMDREAMCATCHERS"

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