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Fang by James Patterson
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May 07, 2012

did not like it
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I think this book is taking a twist into a more twilight kinda theme. Just so you know I. HATE. TWILIGHT! There are no words to describe my hatred for twilight and the whole concept of it. The fact that Patterson's once amazing books are taking a gut wrenching plummet and now even remotely resembles twilight's regime, is just so disgusting that I could hurl. WHY WOULD PATTERSON DO THIS TO HIS BOOKS!?

I mean, it's just so obvious that Max and Fang are supposed to be together. I think the whole Dylan-is-Fang's-replacement is just a cheep way so that his readers will be disappointment and will want to read til the very end of the series to find out what happens between them because he doesn't have anything else to offer in his books anymore. And I have to say, it's quite effective. I think the only reason that I'm reading the books anymore is so that I know how the whole Fax thing will blow over. The books are like drugs, and not in a good way, ARGH!

The rest of the plot is dull, random, and unplanned now. I've never seen a series get so horribly wrong at such a high velocity. I mean, the Itex-is-gonna-end-the-world thing was interesting, fast paced, action packed, and it made some sort of SENSE. But now since Patterson just solved that whole thing so easily, with the voice telling Max that she had to get the headquarters and then everything would be solved. If the whole Itex thing was the main conflict in the storyline, then don't you think it should take more than a couple of chapters to solve? You can't ruin a whole company that owns basically most of the world by just wiping out one headquarters with the help of your six year old mind controller.

And that get's me started on the next thing. What is up with Angel? Who named her that anyways. She's more like a demon. She wants to control everything and wants to become flock leader. And she's such an unrealistic character. Characters in books are SUPPOSED to have flaws, you can't just make them have a bajillion powers and basically have them be able to solve any problem that arises in the books! I mean what is JP THINKING!?

To make this a good series, JP would basically have to erase the books until the 2nd one and then rewrite them. He should just not include the Dylan thing at all. When the Itex thing arises, Max, Angel and Nudge should go to the Itex headquarters, try to get the director witch but then she escapes at the last possible moment. Then that's where the book ends, where they don't know where she is. She could be anywhere at one of the many Itex branches, rebuilding the headquarters. And then the next book should start where they're trying to find her and trying to find which one of the branches is the one that's controlling everything now. That would be a more realistic way to solve the main conflict and it would make it so JP wasn't shoving like 10 different horrible story lines in to one series.

I'm not saying that's how he definitely should've ended the books, but I'm saying that's an example that wouldn't have made me so frustrated. Then there would be a clear antagonist and the main conflict of the book would stay pure and good. And it seem like JP thinks he can slack in his writing now because there's the whole gushy stupid love triangle so he thinks it's ok to not have the flock secret mutant rebellious kids on the run anymore because the book is becoming twilight. But the point is,the secret mutants on the run thign was the quality of Maximum Ride that I fell in love with and he just ruins it and stretched the series out way too long.

So, those of you who actually bothered to read this (if anybody), thank you for letting me rant about this series. and BTW: 1 star was the minimum I could give it, but I really would give it about .5 stars if not lower.
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