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Os Cinco na Ilha do Tesouro by Enid Blyton
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May 07, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: em-português, childhood


Book one: Five on a Treasure Island

The Famous Five. Indeed, five of the most famous adventurers in young literature, and without a doubt five of the most important figures in my childhood.

I was introduced to the Famous Five as a young creature, at a time when the Famous Five weren't really 'Famous' anymore; despite their timeless appeal, they were a read more of my parents' generation than my own. Still, it only took me one book to become envolved in the characters and their adventures, and even, I confess, a tad obsessed. I read all twenty-one books countless times, both in Portuguese and English. I replicated the general plots during holidays in the countryside. I demanded "Five-ish meals" of my mother. I had one of my first childhood idols in Dick (David). I scorned and refused to read any other young-adventure series (even those written by the same author, such as the Secret Seven).

Some fifteen years later, I remember only very vague details about each of the books, some better than others. But, in the process of wanting to add these books to my Goodreads library, I realised that what I remembered was too little to form a satisfactory judgement as to what the rating of each book should be. As such, I made a pointless and impulsive decision. Taking a deep breath, I delved deep into the dark corners of my ~book closet~ (a forsaken, lint-ridden closet where all books that are not read on a regular basis are stored), looking for the taped cardboard box where the Famous Five had been resting for quite some time -- and, taking it out, I laid the books on the table, listed by volume number. Now, I re-read them for the nth time and give each book the rating it deserves while, I hope, reliving some fond childhood memories.

"Five on a Treasure Island" is book one. Short and simple, it is a classic Famous Five book, with the usual cornerstones of the series: holidays at Kirrin Cottage, trips to Kirrin Island, and George (Zé) raging, as well as a (labyrinthic) underground passage and the discovery of gold ingots, a reward barred by a couple of evil, sarcastic men with revolvers. Granted, it might not be one of the most original plotlines, but it did pioneer a specific genre of children fiction that has since been imitated by other authors (and more often than not, poorly so). And the story is, albeit basic and somewhat predictable, well constructed, and manages to offer some positive moral values and innocent humour along the way.

I rate this book 4 not just for its content, but also for its position in the series as the first release. Sure, the book is unexceptional and even silly at times. But it is also fun, and is the starting point of the great adventure that is reading The Famous Five.
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