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Endure by Carrie Jones
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Filled with wry humor, witticisms, and profound truths, "Endure" offers up a tale of enduring quality that showcases Carrie Jones at her very best. With an ease of narration and a writer's voice that speaks so gently through her characters, Ms Jones causes us to hang on her every word. I found myself wanting to write down almost every sentence, there was so much to remember forever in this book.

It's the mark of the finest of writing when an author can give you a story with characters who are alive, endearing and profound; while at the same time she can do it sparingly, never wasting a precious word. This is the quality of Carrie Jones's writing. The most mundane of sentences works to counterbalance her other lines so that the work in whole is an artist's rendering like few I've experienced recently. This book should be read by connoisseurs of the written word in YA fiction for that reason only!

I must confess to not having read Carrie's other books. I listened to "Need" on audio tape a few years ago, and don't remember much about it, frankly, after reading tons of books, and listening to a library of them later. But I don't think one needs to read the others to get a full sense of the background to understand "Endure." All the highlights and characters of the past are referenced, so the reader is brought up-to-date.
All in all "Endure" is a stand alone novel.
That's not to say I won't be interested in buying the other books for my collection and reading them, however.

As to character, I may already have covered that, but I must say that I'm just in love with Astley. What a prince! I would be his subject any day! No wonder Zara doesn't mind...
Zara is a wonderful role model for young adults. She's strong both physically and psychologically. She values family and friend relationships, and she knows how to communicate to work out her problems. Great things for kids to know!
I particularly loved her take on overly protective parents in light of her being left without parents... very funny.

I think my adult readers will love this little book. I did. As Carrie said " is always imperfect no matter how difficult the world is around us and whether it's coming to an end or not."
In these days, when there's war and rumor of Apocalypse; when children are being warned of Dec. 2012, and nuclear destruction. When dytopian novels are all the rage and demons run rampant in their fiction. When we experience economic hardships, political up-risings throughout the world, and natural disasters.
Carrie Jones gives us light and hope. Refreshing.

For that reason, too, this is a wonderful book to read. I would highly recommend it as a gift for a young adult in your life. People are always asking me for recommendations- - here's one!

5 perfectly sparkling stars!

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