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Brody by Emma Lang
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May 07, 2012

it was amazing

A Texas Ranger works alone and Brody is no exception. On his own for years has left him a hard man that doesn’t have time to play house with any woman. Working a murder and kidnapping case leads him back to the Circle Eight Ranch and gets him an unlikely ally in Olivia. Wanting to use her for her ability to lure in the human traffickers he suspects have the youngest member of her family, he agrees to have her tag along, briefly. What he doesn’t expect is the depth of long lost emotions she releases in him.

Emma Lang has created a monster in me! If you need me I will be voraciously consuming her back list of books because Brody was just really really good! Often times I don’t want to read historical romance. I just can’t get into them, save for a few select books. I often end up labeling them DNF because the time period just doesn’t speak to me. Not once while reading this did I feel bored or annoyed at the stuffiness I often feel in historical books. It may be because it is western and not regency and that I connect more to that time period. Whatever it is, I’m okay with it because Brody was an awesome book.

Brody is the local Texas Ranger, faced with the responsibility to find the man responsible for the murders at the Circle Eight Ranch and the kidnapping of the youngest member of the family, a little boy named Benjy. After witnessing the death of his brothers at the hands of war, Brody is a hard man. He knows nothing else then fighting for what is right and bringing criminals to justice. He relies on no one but himself and doesn’t work with a partner…ever.

When Brody gets some new information regarding the case he goes to the Circle Eight to tell Matthew (now in charge after his parents murder) but finds Olivia instead. Though he has no time to waste on a woman he finds himself drawn to her. Which he masks with indifference and attitude. Not that she makes it hard. Olivia is a smart mouthed and independent woman who isn’t afraid to say exactly what was on her mind. She doubts his ability to find the men who killed her parents and took her brother so she thinks her best bet is to tag along and help. Completely out of place for a historical…but right on spare for a western. I loved her spunk and attitude and complete fearlessness in harrowing situations. She has deadly aim and when against the wall will rise to meet any enemy head on.

Olivia just wants to find her little brother Benjy…at any cost. If that means crossing into the dangerous land of Mexico and looking for human traffickers with the quiet and enigmatic Texas Ranger, well then she will. She doesn’t second guess herself and rarely falls apart. She can play a part to a tee and that makes her invaluable to Brody though he is constantly wanting to ditch her as her mouth keeps getting them into trouble.

Brody and Olivia together are a force to be reckoned with. With every hair raising step closer to those who took her brother, they also become closer to giving into the feeling each stirs in the other. Though not a virgin, Olivia has never experienced the wanton feeling Brody manages to elicit out of her at the slightest touch or briefest glance. The combustible emotions make Brody uneasy because having a wife and family is just something he doesn’t have time for or feels he deserves.

Filled with more action then I anticipated, Brody was a welcome escape from reality. I rooted for these two the entire journey and found myself wanting to go back and read book one since I had not. The story line seems to be continuing on to the next book because not much was resolved in this one. I was a bit sad about that but I hope that means we will get to see these two again and find out how they are doing.

Emma Lang is a talented author and I will definitely be picking up more from her in the future! This family is one you can get behind and I for one can’t wait for book three!

I give Brody by Emma Lang 4.75 stars!

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