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Biting Cold by Chloe Neill
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May 07, 2012

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I hate giving 3 stars; Seems like a cop out. I liked the book, but I haven't gotten pulled into one really since #3. I thought the book was a little slow. Ethan was frustrating as usual, but likable and not so arrogant and a great leader. I loved that about him this time. I think I am the only one that actually LIKED IT when Ethan got (spoiler hidden, sorry!) at the end of #4. I like a powerful ending! And I wanted to see how Merit would move past it.

Honestly though, I just want Merit to let out some "bad girl." Do something crazy or stupid, not for heroic purposes or for the good of the house, and then see if Ethan forgives her like she keeps doing for him. I'm not saying "she's too perfect," but kinda think she is too perfect for him! Perhaps she could have a little slip up with Jonah? Is that wrong of me? Tell me what you guys thing!

Finally, I am very intrigued with the way this book ended. It's not a cliffhanger, but enough to really save the book.
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The Flooze You're so not alone in liking the staking. I thought it was ballsy and could have really opened up Merit's character for some growth.

I was just mulling over the fact that I wish she'd go rogue. Doing her diplomat, kick-ass thing as a force outside the houses and deciding for herself which people are valuable as friends and teammates. That would also stop all this You Are Supposed To Obey Me nonsense that keeps halting Ethan mid-relationship-stride. (I'm so waiting for him to back out again when things heat up.)

message 2: by Marcia (last edited Aug 11, 2012 06:50PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Marcia The Flooze (Michelle M.) wrote: "You're so not alone in liking the staking. I thought it was ballsy and could have really opened up Merit's character for some growth.

I was just mulling over the fact that I wish she'd go rogue. ..."

Yeah, Flooz going rogue would be perfect. You can do that and still keep integrity:)

I went to a book signing today for Biting Cold. Chloe Neill took questions for an hour and was really engaging. Naturally, I was the only one there that liked the end of book 4! I asked if Merit will every do anything stupid or bad, not to protect vamps or the house, and she responded no because that is not who merit is... :( BUT she did say there will be fallout from her decision to join the Red Guard. I like turmoil and tragedy, so I say bring it on!

The Flooze ZOMAHGAHD was that the same signing that had Ilona ANDREWS?!?!?

The Flooze Ahem. Sorry.

Verra cool that you got to see her and ask questions! See, now, fallout from joining the RG. That could be intriguing.

Damn, and right there will be the reason I keep reading. Sigh.

Marcia @Flooze- No, it was just Chloe. There were other stops with both of them, but not in the Midwest. I live in SE Wisconsin just straight north of Chicago. Since we are squeezed between Chicago and Milwaukee, nothing exciting ever happens here! It was a really good turnout too, they had to go back to the storeroom and bring out extra chairs because at a dozen more people showed up than they were ready for.

So, yes I'm with ya. Meeting Chloe pretty much ensures that I will be sticking around through book 10, which is what is contracted for now.

The Flooze Wow, 10! Good for her that she's selling so well! But...10. Oh, heavens, that's a lot of books for me to get through if I don't get the oomph level I need! :p

I feel like most of these authors (UF) don't make it out to NYC for meet and greets, so maybe you're the lucky one living over there! :)

Zeenat Just wanted to say I agree with you about Merit being "too good to be true". Does that girl every truly screw up?!?! Perfect heroines get boring after awhile . . .

message 8: by Melindeeloo (last edited Aug 19, 2012 07:50AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Melindeeloo I thought that the fallout from Ethan getting spoilered had some real potential too, the next two books to me just seemed like a big rewind.

The Flooze REWIND. Yes! Four steps forward, three steps back. Now let's rehash stuff we thought we'd resolved.


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