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Fifty Shades Trilogy by E.L. James
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May 07, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: 2012, challenges-12

After all the hoopla and buzz about these books, I was really looking forward to reading them. They are a good read but I'm not sure if, for me, they lived up to the fanfare.

The story of Ana and Christian is like most stories. Rich guy meets not so rich girl and sparks fly. Rich guy pursues girl and they fall in love blah blah ad nauseum. Add in the rich guy is kinky and sadistic and I imagine for the general populace, it makes for a wow of a read.

Ana is about to graduate college. Her bossy friend drafts her to do an interview of a local entrepreneur who's a self made man. Friend does not provide her with any background information yet, Ana goes to the interview anyway. She's attracted to him but dismisses it out right. This is how we find out Ana is somewhat innocent and ambivalent about her looks and affect on men. After the interview, Christian basically stalks Ana. Another point I do not get is why, after a night of drinking, Ana calls Christian who she's sworn she has no interest in because he's so rich. Thus starts the love affair. This is where I have my issues with Ana. She's a brat. She's inconsistent. Basically through all the books, she expects Christian to change for her while she does no compromising at all. She challenges him at every turn and then plays the poor little me game. I did not care much for her character at all. I understand naivete but this chick took it to a whole other level. I believe I truly fell out of like with her when, in the first play scene, she does not safeword but rants at Christian and walks out. She never in any part of any of the books, takes responsibility for any actions of hers yet constantly makes Christian pay for his. She won't admit she is a masochist and tries to get Christian to denounce his nature as a sadist.

Can you tell that I am team Christian? I truly love this guy and I hate the book never gave us his story. Christian is a self made man. Although he was adopted into a well to do family, he went on his own path and now (as he said) makes $150,000 an hour. Christian is a sadist. Ana constantly tries to get him to admit he's not really this way but he is. I think Christian is a good example of what a dominant male is. He takes the control part to the extreme but for the most part, he fits the bill. He wants to take care and provide for Ana. The best part of his relationship with Ana is he learns to feel. His childhood and teenage years were not ideal and he never learned to attach. Ana helps him to accept feeling.

My gripes? I hate this story was told only from Ana's point of view. I feel like the author wasn't comfortable writing the male perspective and avoided it. The characters are under developed. There are times I feel as if the author was using a lot of filler. There's not enough to engage the imagination. I truly finished the books because I wanted to see where Christian would end up. I know this is a first book so to speak but it's three. Somewhere along the way, the story should have gotten better
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