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The Sweetest Thing by Christina Mandelski
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May 07, 2012

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Read on May 07, 2012

Saying a book was a quick read is not always a good thing. Sometimes that's code for "this never grabbed my attention enough for me to want to savour it". Or "I just wanted it to end as quickly as possible!".

This wasn't bad but it did disappoint me. So far this year, I've read two Y.A books where:

-Main character was a girl who makes cakes
-The girl is dealing with family drama
-The girl goes from having no love life to having two boys vying for her attention
-The girl finds it hard to choose between two boys when it's obvious which one is the right choice
-Both books were also about the same lengths and had similar writing styles

These two books were The Sweetest Thing and Bittersweet. Neither impressed me very much. How could two authors writing about girls who make amazing cakes disappoint me so much? I guess because neither book had that something special to excite me. Just SOMETHING special. Both books were so predictable. I feel like I've read basically the same story over and over.

This book would most likely be LOVED by someone just getting into the contemporary Y.A genre. However, I've read sooooo many books in this genre and it gets to the point where you're looking for something fresh. I enjoy characters with personality and build up of chemistry and tension. Or amazing writing. Just something that makes the book stand out. Some kind of edge.

I just didn't care about any of the characters or their problems. The main character annoyed me with the way she acted around Ethan. (view spoiler)

Unfortunately, this book failed to impress me. I'm pretty sure other people will love it, though. It has moments that are cute and it would be perfect for someone looking for a Sarah Dessen type of book. Those are the people I'd recommend it to, anyone who loves Sarah Dessen or Sarah Ockler.


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Reading Progress

05/07/2012 page 104
30.0% "please, please, please get more interesting soon."
05/07/2012 page 126
36.0% "he better stop calling her "Cake Girl" soon. I don't want another "Pigeon"-esque nickname to cringe over."
05/07/2012 page 144
41.0% "this is so similar to "Pretty in Pink". Girl likes the perfect, pretty guy. Girl's guy best friend is in love with her and likes to badmouth pretty guy. Jack is Ducky! (I love Ducky...)"

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