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Black Wings by Christina Henry
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May 06, 2012

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Great premise and there was lots of action but the heroine did something stupid which resulted in her being unconscious. Her head was injured way too many times. I like Gabriel, and I knew right away who her later second love interest would be, and I didn't mind him, although I hate love triangles. I was mad that they created a fun gay character at the beginning who was almost immediately killed, and she barely even acknowledges his death.

My biggest problem though, and I appear to be the only reviewer to mind this, is that Maddie is morally ambiguous at best. She is confronted by fallen angels, and her biggest problem with them is how controlling they are. She even refers to them just as "angels" despite the fact that that are fallen and differentiates between them and demons who shes says are evil. Huh? She mentions the archangel Michael as being good, and that heaven really exists, so presumably there's a reward for being good. But she has little fear around Lucifer and his brethren and keeps losing her temper. (Again not because they are unspeakably evil. It's because of all their stupid laws.)

This is clearly the Judeo-Christian mythos and if she's merely annoyed with it without acknowledging the terrible consequences of the wrong actions, then something is terribly wrong. For a much better series that deals with this topic in a more realistic way, read A Kiss Before the Apocalypse. (I am fine with straying from standard lore, but this didn't make sense. I'm not Christian--this isn't me beefing about my religion not being taken seriously or anything--it just doesn't make sense to me.)

I did enjoy it and plan to read the next one, but I need a little more emotion around the evil beings in her life.
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