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** spoiler alert ** OMG! Like a train wreck, I had to see for myself. I read the reviews and, I knew that this guy was the biggest jerk alive, and she still took him back, but I can't believe it happened as bad as it did. He left her to die alone puking next to her toilet while he went out and got him some young tail. She gets lucky enough to meet a decent man, younger man who didn't make her feel broken, who was there for her during the darkest days of her life but she just throws him away when the jerk loses his piece of ass and decides he wants her after all. GRRRRRR!!!!!!! I'm going to be mad about it for a long time.

I actually read a lot of cheating stories and will even root for a reunion or hookup, but this was really too much. I'm going to continue the story in my mind and having it end that she will come to her senses, realize that this loser needs to reap what he's sowed and go find her young stud who saved her life. A-hole will go beserk and do something that causes him to violate his PAROLE and will end up having to serve his ten years and leave them alone to have a decent life.

But I admit, more importantly, the storyline where she endures and survives breast cancer was excellent. I think that what pushed so many people to rate this story so high. I'm going to go back and give it an extra star for that reason alone. I just wished it hadn't been ruined by that jerk who deserved to spend his life alone, remembering all that he threw away. If she hadn't reunited with the jerk and he paid the price for his sins, this would've been an easy 5 star story. Too bad.

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message 1: by Leona (new)

Leona Dear lord.........I can't believe DS would do that.. Given she is outside the HP genre, she can move her heroine onto bigger and better things. She can also make the hero..the second guy...What was she thinking? My favorite by her was Ghost. Just loved it

Julz Yes! She's not bound by the HQN protocol. Why not have it end the right way. UGH! I get mad all over again when I revisit this story. But I shouldn't since the way it really ended was that she came to her senses and had a HEA with the guy who stuck by her during her treatment (That's the way I've decided to end it in my head ;D)

message 3: by Leona (new)

Leona I read another review...on GR's for this book where the person said she used to read DS a lot and refused to read anymore after this book. I wonder if author's realize the impact they have on their readers when they do crazy things like this.

message 4: by Julz (last edited Aug 21, 2012 01:28PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Julz I know! I'm not motivated in the least to read any of her other books, though I know they can't all be this bad. I'm just glad that I knew what was going to happen going in. I heard how it ended but just had to see for myself ;D

message 5: by Leona (new)

Leona LOL!!! you know there is just something about a good train wreck

Cindy just read it very good wring could not stop reading I understand the ending being in a marriage for 30 years however felt unhappy at the end.

Julz She had a good guy who was really there for her and dumped him for that loser. I'm still mad about it. ;-)

message 8: by Anthea (new)

Anthea I struggled with the end of this book too and I'm a huge DS fan. Very refreshing to see that others did too

Julz I’ll probably never trust her to read another of her stories, unless of gourde it’s a sequel where she dumps him to go back to the young stud. ;-)

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