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11.22.63 by Stephen King
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May 05, 2012

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Read from January 10 to 21, 2013

Disappointingly inconsequential work from King... lately, you seem to be able to tell how good one of his books is by the length, the shorter the better. Somewhere inside 11.22.63 there was a taut political time travel thriller trying to get out, but it just got buried in fluff. Well-written fluff, never unengaging, but fluff nonetheless. It was in desperate need of a good hard edit; themes were raised then throw aside without being addressed again, major mysteries were revealed to be banal and dull, and there's far more fat in the book than there is meat. And as always, King simply doesn't seem to know how to end books anymore. The whole concept has been done far better many, many times before, so all that's really going for it is nostalgia for the late fifties and early sixties in the US, something that doesn't resonate with me in the slightest.

Bring on Doctor Sleep, hopefully King can regain some measure of his past writing ability with that one. Because 11.22.63, like Lisey's Story or Under The Dome, is competent (King is never less than that!) but eminently forgettable.

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