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Dog Blood by David Moody
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May 05, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: action, post-apocalyptic, zombies
Read in May, 2012

The world has quickly turned into a post-apocalyptic night mare following a change in about a third of the population known simply as The Hate. The people infected with it are called haters. Those who have gone through the change have an overwhelming desire to kill those who have not.

The unchanged masses are pushed into secured areas patrolled by heavily-armed soldiers. Rations and living space are becoming more and more difficult to come by as any excursions out of the secure zones are generally met with hordes of homicidal people attacking relentlessly.

The haters themselves are attempting to organize to better battle and eliminate the unchanged. For the most part, their people are simply roaming randomly from place to place to kill the unchanged as frequently as possible.

We also find that the haters are not all the same. There are those among them who are much more aggressive and brutal, which is saying quite a bit with this bunch.

The main character of this novel is Danny, a man who has evolved (or devolved if you want to think of it that way) into a hater. He is on a quest to locate his daughter, who he found to be like him in this series' first book; Hater. Danny is attempting to track down his former spouse in order to locate his daughter in a post-apocalyptic war torn England. Needless to say, this is no easy task and there are numerous obstacles and distractions from his own kind and the unchanged.

I have to say, this is my favorite book of Moody's thus far. It is well-written and easy to fly through. I found myself really enjoying the thoughts and actions of the main character and wanting to see what happened at the turn of each page. The violence and action are both quick and easy to picture for the most part. Moody does not seem to feel that it is necessary to share every gory detail of every drop of blood shed and I am fine with that.

It becomes dark and depressing at times. At other times you might find yourself filled with hope. Any of this can be shattered or changed in a heart beat. Expect the unexpected and don't trust anything or anyone at face value.

Although this story is filled with action, it also takes time to explore the confused thoughts of Danny. After all, he still has all of his memories from before he changed.

I would like to mention that I listed this on my Zombie shelf. The haters are not zombies per se, as they are living and breathing people. They are similar in the manner of the infected of 28 Days Later (although nothing like them beyond their aggression toward those not affected) in which I consider it close to a zombie outbreak. I'm sure that bit can be debated left and right. I just wanted to make it clear that by the book zombies do not play a part in Dog Blood.

Anyway, pick up both books in this series. I highly recommend them and will be picking up the third book in this series soon.
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