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Colors Insulting To Nature by Cintra Wilson
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May 05, 2012

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In nearly 40 years of reading, I don't think I have ever read a book so greatly in need of an editor. There exists here the heart of a good book, but that book would be perhaps a third of the length of this inpenetrable morass. The author asides are amateurish and any editor worth her salt would have excised every last one. Scenes never end; one can almost see the author packing in every absurity possibly permitted by a given scene off of a checklist. We'll do a play! In Marin! So let's have Gay men dressed as nuns from the Sound of Music? Really? That was hackneyed in 1984. And since we have Gay men in SF we can come back a few years later and do an AIDS storyline! The characters are unlikable and so socially retarded it is hard to look at any of them with a lick of warmth. Peppy is Mama Rose -- and Mama Rose without a talented daughter is not a good story. Every single sentence is too clever by half (which is hard to do in a comic novel where clever is generally not an insult.) This author has talent, she knows her subject, and the bones of this story are witty and wise, hence the three stars. I might suggest that next time she writes a book rather than an article that she climb down off her hipster tower (do hipsters have towers, or do they pontificate from Bushwick rowhouse roof decks?) and let a good editor have at it with the full spectrum of Sharpies. She has it in her to write a really kickass book once she gets over herself.
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message 1: by Amy (new) - rated it 2 stars

Amy Zaremba I agree wholeheartedly with this review.

Super Amanda Wrong. Colors is anti-hipster and the pre-tech 80s (Gay Nuns and all) of the Bay Area was spot on. It was a fun place once.

Bonnie My issue was not with the content, it was with the writing and the writer's manic tone (and with the clichés -- roller skating Gay men dressed as nuns was funny the first time I saw the Sisters of Perpetual Mercy, in SF in 1979.) Also, this is not remotely anti-hipster, the author is so hipster that I sure she would tell you that she was a hipster a year before anyone else got there. I agree, SF was so much more fun before the tech boom. Still gorgeous, still chock full of great restaurants, but everyone cool is gone.

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