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Persuasion by Rebecca H. Jamison
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May 05, 2012

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Alright, so, Persuasion is my least favorite Austen novel. I think some of the passages are gorgeous, but mostly I just get mad at everyone, especially Anne, for being swayed by her family. I know, that's totally judgmental of me, but when I met my husband, no one was going to convince me not to marry him. But! Not everyone is that way and I do think Austen's story is touching and very sweet, even though both of the characters drive me crazy off and on throughout the novel. Along with that, I do not read LDS fiction. I read tons of it in junior high and, since then, I just pretty much leave it untouched. So, I didn't have high hopes for this book, but it was short and free and I read it anyway.

I was really surprised by how well Anne and Wentworth's relationship translated over to LDS society. At twenty-seven, Anne would be considered an old maid by a lot of the younger women (and men) in her singles' ward. As for Wentworth, since he was handsome and successful, he would not be considered too old and there would be a lot of women in their early twenties interested in him, particularly in an area where there were not an enormous amount of Young Single Adults. Anne did grate on my nerves some, especially since Wentworth's attraction to her is extremely obvious throughout the book. In Austen's Persuasion, it's a little harder to tell what Wentworth is thinking, especially in his relationship with Louisa, but the Wentworth in this novel really doesn't seem to interested in Lily and, whenever Anne would call and he'd be talking to her or about her, it felt really phony, especially after he drove her home from the beach. That being said, I really liked Anne and I really liked Wentworth and I was really excited for them to get back together. Also, with it set in LDS culture, I really felt for Anne and her desire to have children and a family.

The book does run quite a bit too long and the stalker problems with Will are just ridiculous. Bankruptcy and divorce do not make someone a crazy, but the book almost implied that's what was going on. There was a line of foreshadowing where Anne wondered how Will could be available, but aside from that, he seemed like a fairly nice, arrogant, guy. So! I didn't buy his complete 180 and it dragged on way too long by the time the novel was over. Also, I would have shut this book pretty quickly if I weren't LDS. The parts where Jamison tried to explain the LDS church sounded preachy and some of the cheesiness of Anne and Wentworth's relationship- like how her ring from their previous engagement had three stones symbolizing her, Wentworth, and God- were kinda laughable, even if you agree with the principle that Jamison was alluding to. My copy (on a Kindle) also had quite a bit of grammatical errors with quotation marks and Neil's name was spelled both Neil and Neal, but aside from that, I thought this was definitely a light, fun read.

And with that, I will probably read Jane Austen's Persuasion again sometime in the next week.

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