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Blue Moon by Laurell K. Hamilton
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May 05, 2012

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bookshelves: paranormal
Read on May 05, 2012

OK so Hamilton definatately loses the 'Anita Blake Vampire Killer' thread in this book. This is 'Anita Blake hunk magnet'. Anita discovers new powers which are inevitably connected to sex - luckily every new male charcter walking on to the page is over 6ft and desperate to shed his clothes in order to reveal his inner sex god.

It helps that we're in the middle of nowhere surrounded by redneck police officers, badies that have a deathwish, a never ending stream of weres with overactive libidos and rotting vampires (again - poor old Jason), all of whom are desperate to have sex in some form or another. (...Mostly another.) Meanwhile Jean Claude is stuck in St Louis and Richard is in prison or off having dinner with his mother. Overpowered by the natural beauty of Tenesee, the moon or somthing, Anita seems to lose her ability to locate or use her guns and is largely powerless to do very much more than pant 'please' whilst losing her clothes yet again.

However, the plot and 'Anita the necromancer' kick back in to action for the last few chapters and, with a few silver bullets and the recital of some lines from her lower grade nativity play, she destroys the badies, releases a demon, saves all the humans, redeems her moral standards and rediscovers her humanity. Hurrah for nativity plays!

A great romp if you don't take it too seriously, with some fun new character development especially Nathanial, Asher, Marianne,and at the end Dolph-though we never did meet the trolls...

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