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Night Sky by Jolene Perry
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May 04, 2012

really liked it

This was a very gentle coming-of-age story for Jameson, or Jay, as most of his friends called him. Now I don't mean gentle in the way that means there was no conflict. I don't think you can really have a coming-of-age story without conflict, and some of the things that Jay deals with are some pretty weighty issues. I mean gentle in that it flowed smoothly from the beginning of the story. I became invested in the characters pretty quickly, and liked the interaction between Jay and Sky.

What really made Night Sky interesting for me though, was that it was a romance, from a guy's perspective. Jameson was actually able to be sensitive and have real feelings without being too sappy. I liked the way that he stepped up for his mom when she was hurting, and recognized that she might need some extra help with his dad gone. He also tried to be loyal to his friend Sarah, even when she and her new boyfriend Eric were practically in his face a lot.

And then there was Sky. She is a neighbor's granddaughter from Alaska, whom Jay meets quite by chance. She is a freshman at the local college, but hits it off almost immediately with Jameson. The only things she asks of him is for complete honesty. The problem with complete honesty is that it means you have to be completely honest with yourself as well.

I enjoyed this book. It wasn't a heavy read even though it dealt with some heavy subjects. I think the focus though was on how we get through the bad stuff and come out on the other end, which gave it a very positive spin.


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