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Renegade by J.A. Souders
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All told, it is pretty fast-paced and intense, and not totally predictable, so if you're not too picky, then you'll probably like it.

But for me, it has this certain, je ne sais quois, stupidity? about it that just dumbs it down to 2 stars.

For one thing, it's stuffed full of all the usual tropes which are somewhat haphazardly arranged and then connected (sort of) by hollow characters and LOTS of running around.


I got quite impatient that once they got somewhere, it was like, "oh no, now we have to go to the completely other side of the complex", criss-crossing back and forth endlessly. At one point, they even mention that its been 12 hours since they were at this one place and since there were no breaks in the story during that time, I'm like, "For real? No wonder this seems never-ending!"

And unlike Inside Out or Across the Universe or even Under the Never Sky, you just don't get a very good sense of how things are in the complex. There are very few named characters and even they don't have much more personality or back-story than you could come up with just by naming their positions: quick, think of what they'll look like-- best friend? newcomer boy? mom who runs the establishment and makes everyone call her mother? dad who stays in the background? The stereotypes just popped into your head and congratulations, you are correct! Besides our main girl Evie, there are maybe three more characters i can think of and they're just blips in the story. Everyone else in the complex however, might as well be labeled Red Shirt Ensign because they are faceless and expendable.

Bodies all over the place? Meh. Just part of the scenery.

Isn't that awful? Good grief, give me some substance!


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